Паулина Андреева ходит на свидания за деньги Beloved Fyodor Bondarchuk took part in an unusual campaign. Fans Paulina Andreeva got the opportunity to see her and chat. Meeting with an actress play on the website of the charity project.
Паулина Андреева ходит на свидания за деньги

Fans of Paulina Andreeva invited to win a date with her. Anyone wishing to see an actress of theatre and cinema can take part in a charity online auction, which takes place from 6 to 10 March. Raised funds will go to Fund “Exit”, created by individuals to help people with autistic spectrum disorders.

At the time of this writing, the rally was attended by several persons, including Ashot, Eugene, Dennis and the user, who asked to remain anonymous. Fans Paulina willing to pay for communicate with her from 10 to 100 thousand rubles. Meeting with the artist will take place on March 11, the winner will also receive two tickets to the play “Room 13D” with the participation Andreeva, Igor wernick, Doinikova Stanislav and Irina Pegawai.

“On theatre and film, about travel, about humility and a good sense of humor, on how to dream and find a balance not only in work but in life – on this and other issues at a meeting with Paulina,” – said on the campaign website.
Паулина Андреева ходит на свидания за деньги

The authors regularly organize meetings with famous people and other activities, the proceeds of which go to charity. At different times the project was supported Nikita Efremov, Feduk, Victoria Isakova, Alena Babenko, T-killah, Agnia Ditkovskite, Alice Khazanov and many others.

Apparently, the beloved Paulina Fyodor Bondarchuk didn’t argue against her desire to participate in such an event. It is known that the Director himself often supports various initiatives to help people in need. So, in 2011, Fedor took the first film for a charity auction Svetlana Bondarchuk was the short film “Sasha” Ksenia Rappoport and Anna Mikhalkova. The film also featured a girl Alina, who collected funds for the treatment of cancer.

Note that in April 2017 Paulina Andreeva became the Ambassador of the Foundation out. The actress urged the public to pay attention to the problems of people with autism.

“For such families is very difficult to raise money because you need to create a help system. I think that they are heroes. Don’t know how they pull it. In our country it is very difficult to pull of such a child, because there are no conditions, and they face serious social pressures. In our school there was a girl with a defect on the face, it scared him. Can’t say that teachers took an active part in that to stop it,” – said Pauline.