Paulina Andreeva explained why he deleted his Instagram

Паулина Андреева объяснила, почему удалила свой Instagram
Popular actress spoke about the energy attacks of the haters.

Paulina Andreeva

Photo: Instagram

Paulina Andreeva — one of the few Russian
celebrities who are not suffering from dependence on social networking. In an interview
the Petersburg magazine “Dog” (the actress herself hails from the Northern capital) it
for the first time told why before rarely indulged fans posts on Instagram, and recently completely removed
your blog is forever.

“I was struggling to hold onto their freedom, says
Paulina. — Social freedom to go where I like not to think about
if they recognize me in the store, the bakery, the subway or the bus. And by the way, I just
love in our hometown to ride the trolley, especially on the Nevsky
prospect. And I try myself not to turn his life into a pattern in which it
all the time trying to convert others. About me write something than
I actually are not. Have to fend off other people’s projections”.

However, Andreeva says she is not
emotional robot.

“No I’m not a whole person! — the actress laughs. And,
as it should be sensitive and creative types, it is often in imbalance, and
in disarray. I saw the world in a much broader spectrum, when all of a sudden hard
interested in everything around me journalism, and not just space. And
learned that there are really powerful dark side, hate, a huge amount
hatred, malice, irritation. It all became a revelation, because I lived in my
microcosm: he served in the theater, starred in the movie. Until this wave my pictures not
comment on outrageous number, we never discussed why, for example,
tied my hair in a ponytail, not dismissed. And before this discovery I loved
to live much more objectively and frankly. How I deal with it? I
on a work. It’s a real energy attack. That helps me? Have
I have my secrets. To be in balance helps jivamukti yoga”.