Paulina Andreeva explained how the persecution of transfers in the Network

Паулина Андреева объяснила, как переносит травлю в Сети The actress spoke about the criticism in his address. Paulina Andreeva does not maintain pages on social networks, because they do not want to spoil your nerves, reading the negative comments from Internet users. According to her, the door to your personal space needs to be closed.

      Паулина Андреева объяснила, как переносит травлю в Сети

      Russian actress Paulina Andreeva rarely gives interviews and talks to the press. 28-year-old star of “the Thaw” and “Method” are trying to advertise events that are happening in my personal life. The girl does not use social networks, because they do not want to read differing opinions about the person.

      Recall that after Paulina started Dating Fedor Bondarchuk, the Internet users had divided into two camps. Some rejoiced that the famous Director has found love, while others considered her a “home wrecker” and charged that she destroyed the family of the worker of the cinema. Paulina and Theodore no longer hide his affair from the public in June of this year, appeared together on “Kinotavr”. Secret weapon of bride Bondarchuk: what is the strength Paulina Andreeva

      She admits that he tries not to let anyone close to my life. “I don’t have a personal instagram and I don’t do Facebook. I do not ispytvat need to show myself in this respect can be called a very private person. Here I am a reactionary – I believe that doors in your house, in a personal prostranstvami to be closed. And if we talk about social networks as a business platform, I might still not ready for that,” explained Paulina.

      Moreover, Andreyev tries not to pay attention to the materials that go about it in the Russian media. Some magazines are discussing the style of the actress, others write about her views on life.

      “I honestly, in recent years developed an immunity to what people write about me. Don’t like to delve into the world of reviews, opinions, articles – this world is fictional, quite angry, aggressive, world, where it can speak to anyone. Why spoil your nerves to get upset and take to heart what Tamara Stepanovna says that I’m not a good actress? For me it’s definitely too much information,” said Paulina.

      The girl said in an interview with SNC, I was happy to get a role in “the Method”, she considers it a gift. At the moment, Paulina was in several projects, as well as plays in the theatre. Very soon on the First channel will show “Better than people” in which Andreev played a robot.