Paulina Andreeva done with extreme

Паулина Андреева завязала с экстримом
The actress admitted that now is not the need for adrenaline.

Паулина Андреева завязала с экстримом

Paulina Andreeva

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Паулина Андреева завязала с экстримом

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva

Photo: Philip Goncharov, @bohemique (Instagram Maison Bohemique)

Paulina Andreeva admitted that recently changed
riding style on his favorite snowboard. “I ride for not so extreme,
as before. Feel responsible for the preservation of their limbs. My
the profession itself is quite risky and extra adrenaline, there is no need”,
— the actress confessed in an interview with “Antenna. Telesem”.

The main activities today for Andreeva became
yoga. “But the sport still I would not call it, says Pauline. — I
like to experience the features of your body, make it better, more flexible. After all
it is the little that is in our ownership.”

Паулина Андреева завязала с экстримом

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Also the star said that can afford to go to
metro, as “able to blend in with the crowd” and, accordingly, to remain
incognito, man, what opinion she always listens, is Fyodor Bondarchuk.

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Paulina does not like to give interviews and an exception was made
for the movie “Myths” which goes into wide release. Interestingly,
in parallel with this event was — the Network got a video
which Fyodor Bondarchuk hits the face Molochnikova Alexander — young
the Director, for whom this picture was the debut.