Паулина Андреева развеяла мифы о Федоре Бондарчуке Beloved Director shared that how she sees it and how it is perceived in reality. She also said that she sees. In addition, she explained that now care about Fedor and how hard to maintain a stellar name.

      Паулина Андреева развеяла мифы о Федоре Бондарчуке

      Paulina Andreeva in an interview said that Fedor Bondarchuk is seen by many people, especially those closely related to him how absolutely far from the reality of the character, devoid of any mundane qualities — her partner Fyodor Bondarchuk is for some people who are not familiar with it, a person devoid of human qualities. However, the girl who is going to marry a worker of the cinema, thinks that he’s the same as all. The actress is trying to debunk these myths, noting that Fedor is an open, decent and honest man.

      Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva has set a wedding date

      It should be noted that Andreyev assesses the psychological age of the future spouse is only 16 years old. It seems that there is enough mischief and childishness that motivate it and move forward. The Director, according to the artist, remains immediate in any situation and accept reality for what it is. As the girl noted, Bondarchuk sees further than the rest.. Paulina told an interesting story about how her beloved bought me a drum kit without amplifiers. And that, instead of having to go and buy them, satisfied with the sounds produced by the instrument. Paulina has repeatedly admitted that Fedor is the epitome of spontaneity.

      “He’s very real, educated, sympathetic, honest man”, – says Andreev.
      Паулина Андреева развеяла мифы о Федоре Бондарчуке

      Paulina Andreeva also said that the Director is present within an incredible energy that seems infectious. It is a time for everything, and it’s not to impress a girl. Fedor manages to do sports, to meet friends, and make a movie with clips and pay attention to any little thing around.

      The most important quality that appreciates Andreeva, is the responsibility of the novel. Paulina assures that Fedor grew up in a prominent family, and he could never take the position.

      “Fedor grew up in a great family. He is a worthy continuation of the family. The sense of responsibility he didn’t priobretenie and innate” – confessed artist.

      It should be recalled that in January 2017 on the big screen comes the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Gravity”, which the Director lays special hopes and who are looking forward to the admirers of the Director. Paulina supports all the creative experiments of Theodore and proud of his progress. Despite his busy schedule, her lover pays the girl enough attention and knows how to have fun. The actress likes to watch the chosen one when he broods. “Whether or not he sad? More often than many. He’s a man thinking, a keen sense of the world inside, hand in hand with sorrow” – Frank said the actress in an interview with GQ.