Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk first told about their relationship

Паулина Андреева и Федор Бондарчук впервые рассказали о своих отношениях

In the novel by Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva first time after announcing it, few believed. It seemed that the 28-year-old actress is too young for an established Director. But, it turned out that the relationship between these two figures kinoindustrii really exists. So what! Fedor once said that he Andreeva “sick”. Apparently, Paulina was filmmaker a breath of fresh air that he can’t breathe.

Despite the fact that the relationship of the couple has been known since last year, the first joint cover and interview was done just now. Andreev and Bondarchuk was photographed for L’officiel. An interview with the couple took itself chief editor Ksenia Sobchak.

“About these girls in the novels he wrote. Not our century. Dignity, decency, honesty they do not empty words”in the beginning of the conversation admitted Fedor. It turned out that visual familiarity with the Pauline Fedor happened during one of the performances where she participated. Later, they met in person, with that being said Bondarchuk, she was immediately struck by his Outlook on life and a good upbringing.

As was said by many domestic media, in the spring of this year had to be married couple, but Theodore and Pauline say that this message is a product of the imagination of journalists: “We can speculate about whether we want to make your life public, but in reality you read about yourself on the Internet: “As it claims a source close to the cousin of the assistant of the assistant of a novel, Pauline and Theodore are now resting in nice” and so on. And in fact, our life the last six months looks like this: we talk on the phone and trying to figure out how many tonight have free time to spend it together — well, forty-five minutes, an hour, hour and thirty.”

By the way, Paulina admitted that with the advent in her life of Fyodor, her life changed dramatically, and not all in a positive way. For example, she began to hear in his unflattering remarks: “I instantly turned out to be a mediocre actress, it turned out that I have many physical flaws: all sharply stirred up the shape of my ears, for example. Psychics online began to predict the future, grandmother fortune tellers, astrologers, palmists, mystics of all sorts — no one left behind. Understand how the madness began?”.

Recall Paulina Andreeva Fyodor Bondarchuk 25 years has lived in marriage with the editor of the magazine HELLO! Svetlana Bondarchuk. About the breakup of the pair became known in the spring of 2016, a few days before it was announced on the novel of the directed by Paulina.