Paulina Andreeva all consults Fedor Bondarchuk

Паулина Андреева во всем советуется с Федором Бондарчуком The actress listens to the beloved. Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk been Dating for over two years. Last year, the couple had planned to formalize the relationship, however, has not yet married.
Паулина Андреева во всем советуется с Федором Бондарчуком

Last year, famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk has ceased to cover up an affair with actress Paulina Andreeva, which began in the fall of 2015. The couple began to appear together at social events and film premieres. Lovers do not get tired to show full idyll that reigns in their relationship. Bondarchuk older Andreeva more than 20 years, and she always hears the words chosen in different spheres of life.

“The opinion of Fyodor I listen in the first place. And my family,” said Paulina.

The actress admits that her life changed dramatically after meeting with the Director. When their affair became public, she was at the center of public attention. However, it does not avoid the big congestion of people – the actress has admitted that they can easily use public transport and there feels quite comfortable. According to Paulina, the fans don’t bother it.

“Well in traffic, I almost can not stand. If a city is paralysed, I sit quietly in the subway. And until you asked, do not recognize me, I will answer that there are no problems: I can blend in with the crowd,” said Andreev.

Fans look forward to when Fedor and Pauline get married. Last year the lovers announced that they are ready to tie the knot, but had to postpone the celebration because of the hype around their persons. Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva has set a wedding date

Andreeva as little as possible to draw attention to herself – she rarely gives interviews and says nothing to the fans in the microblog. Unlike many celebrities who use every opportunity to appear on secular parties, the actress prefers to spend otherwise free time.

“Sometimes nice to go to a beautiful event. But it is certainly not the first, and some 35-e a place in my life. It’s much more fun to spend the evening with friends, but without a camera, you know?” – Paulina has shared with the correspondent of the publication “Antenna-Telesem”.