Paul Will refused to apologize for “Gopnik”

Павел Воля отказался извиняться за «гопников»

Showman said that getting offended by jokes are stupid.

The fuss began a few days ago. Will Paul during a speech in the United States allowed himself to speak impartially about Yekaterinburg. And… away we go!

The room the artist was in the network, journalists disseminated by the roller, and residents in the Urals and took offense. So much so that I decided in future to boycott his concerts.

A wave of discontent, a sea of judgmental comments. Even the mayor could not resist, and stood up for fellow countrymen. Like what you read and write all sorts of nonsense.

“Here live a decent, serious and thoughtful people. And believe me, nobody will pay attention. Where is Ekaterinburg, and where is he? We are on a different level,” said Yevgeny Roizman, says NSN.

And then Paul Will stop all this obscurantism, to apologize to people and make jokes himself, as much as you want. But the showman isn’t going to apologize. On his page on Instagram, he said: “Excuses for not going, because it is not for that.”

And then he added that the situation is clarified.

“Bad people write good people believe. We live in a time. The press is again paying attention to me. Like, offended residents of Yekaterinburg to one of my jokes. I’m the humorist. All I’m saying is the scene is humor, jokes, fun. I am not a politician and not a preacher, but a humorist. Therefore, the Lord of the yellow journalists, disassemble jokes – at least silly,” wrote Paul, and even to sweeten the pill, called the inhabitants of Ekaterinburg – “direct, honest and decent people.”

Rights, in General, Will, much ADO about nothing. And journalists wonder this story published. But the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg may have offended and for good reason. Jokes aside, the comparison went something offensive. What do you think?

But that said, Will Paul during his speech:

— It is worth noting America, you know, what do you mean? Just imagine: we are with you in new York. In the huge room we were more than a thousand people. We are in the city of new York is the heart of America. I’m talking to you in Russian and you understand what I’m saying. And this evening possible! It is possible! Yes, really (in the hall heard applause. – Approx. Woman’s Day)! God Bless America, really!

But I can not imagine somewhere in Yekaterinburg a concert of American stand-up comedian. Just imagine, in Yekaterinburg gathered a room full of Americans. In Ekaterinburg… And he’s English for them something… stands for. Americans are laughing, they laugh and are not afraid to leave this hall, not afraid to get back on the street to go. Because I already know who would be there for the doors of the hall were (here Paul Will squatted down and started to pick your nose. – Approx. Woman’s Day). Which: “will be over Soon. Now go. Come here, Vasyaney, buble-gum ours.” Immediately came the boys…” (read more HERE).