Paul Will lost hair

Павел Воля потерял волосы Actor and producer Paul Will surprise fans, laying out the photo completely bald myself. Internet users shocked: what happened to the star, not if he is sick?

Paul Will not only professional good sense of humor, a resident of Comedy Club Comedy Club. In his own opinion, he was the founder of the phenomenon of hype. To hypnoti means to inflate some not very cute theme or it is very mocking to speak on any matter. A kind of modern satire. Will often provoke the public for a violent reaction, always cracking jokes on famous people and often raises acute social problems.

To shock the audience with his work. This time Will, again surprised fans. Paul suddenly put in the Instagram photo, which he captured, absolutely no hair, is bald.

“New what?” – Pasha signed the photo and added the hashtag: “my Wife clipped, got carried away”.

Fans reacted to the new image. Some decided that this was a fresh joke from a comedian, they say, the artist probably used photoshop. Others decided that this is a new image of the actor for auditions, “Cool makeup! Respektuje”.

“Oh, Pash, do not whistle in the first place, should not be so quick to lose your hair or to shave off is hair, even the traces are not visible. Secondly, if you look closely, you can see the boundaries of makeup, it’s okay, don’t start to mislead readers,” wrote “know” Will.

And there were those who feared for the artist. The followers decided that perhaps Pasha Will ill: “These hairstyles are cancer center”, “Sick?!”, “Is cancer found?”

We will remind, Pavel Volya, who early in his career called himself “glamorous scum”, now family-oriented. In September 2012, he married the celebrated gymnast Laysan Utyasheva, a young family growing up two children – son Robert in may was five years old, and daughter Sophia in the same month three years.

Paul has experience filming a movie, his filmography includes six feature films.