Paul Will humiliate Russians abroad

Павел Воля унизил россиян за рубежом

Pavel Volya – the sharp-tongued entertainer, whose humor is not always perceived favorably by the public.

For example, a recent solo performance of the resident Comedy Club in new York has left a mixed impression on his fellow citizens.

The fact that during his room, Paul tried to compare Russians living in the US, with the Russians from Yekaterinburg. The comparison came not in favor of the latter.

“It is worth noting America, you know, what do you mean? Just imagine. We are with you in new York. We sit in the hall. We are more than a thousand people. I speak in Russian. You are all in the hall of the Russian. This is the heart of America. This evening possible. It is possible. Yes! Really. I can’t imagine anywhere in Yekaterinburg a concert of American stand-up comedian. Just imagine in Yekaterinburg gathered a room full of Americans. In Yekaterinburg! And he’s English for them, th-the his acts. Americans are laughing, laughing. And are not afraid to leave this hall. Back on the street to go. Because I already know who would be there for the hall door was. Which – (sat down on his haunches, depicting Gopnik): “…will soon be over. SchA go. Come here!”. Once there was these boys”, periodically turning on the Mat, joked from the stage in new York Will.

The recording Will quickly spread through the Network, and immediately raised a wave of indignation and resentment among the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg. They felt that comparing them to “muggers” Will humiliates them and makes fun, gives them hell, which they did not possess.

Many netizens said that than to listen to such performances “comedian”, they better “sit in the gym squat.”

As you think, not moved if the Will of the border in his quest to please the American public?