Paul Will celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary

Павел Воля отпраздновал 5-ю годовщину свадьбы

The comedian Pavel Volya with his wife Laysan utiasheva celebrated five years since the wedding, walking in Moscow and enjoying each other’s company. In 2012, the pair legalized their relationship in a Moscow registry office.

The couple chose not to go into details about the wedding and personal life after marriage. Laysan and Paul don’t like unnecessary media attention to his personal life. Moreover, recently the wife of the comedian suffered a terrible loss of his mother.

On the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Will told in instagram. “We just walked around Moscow. Looked at everything, talked about all sorts. We laughed a lot and hugged. Kissed on all angles, envy or even anger of others. Talked a lot about us in this world. And the world within us. We went into cafes and restaurants, and in the evening went even to the movies. Just went where we were our feet and our feelings. Our love. And we do that for five years. And even more. But five years have passed since we crossed the threshold of the registry office. And it was wonderful. Best.
Thank you, my dear. There is still a lot of time. I am proud you make me. What you saw, saw and chose me. I’m a father of our children. And I’m grateful that you’re beside me. That we are together. That’s what WE! And I’m glad that our first “wooden” anniversary we celebrated in a walk in Moscow. It was just and extremely. It’s so cool and important: to walk and to talk. I love you very much. Thank you for five years. And especially for this day. Go for a walk. Say. Love.” written under the photo Will.

Not so long ago, Paul Will let myself take a break from work and go in Otdih with his family. destination steel the snowy mountains of Austria. This he also told his followers via instagram. “A couple of days out in the mountains. Austria, meet Rus. At that place kids: skiing or snowboarding? How do I look?” asked a leading Comedy Club. On vacation the couple went with a four year old Robert and two year old Sophia.