Павел Воля стал «лицом» крупной аферы
Showman warned fans about cheating.

Paul Will

Photo: @Instagram pavelvolyaofficial Pavel Volya

Will Paul found that his name and photo used by scammers. Malefactors sold concert tickets showman that was not planned. The scheme was simple: they hung posters and gullible people bought tickets for these events without checking in advance whether or not these concerts stated in the official tour schedule Will.

“Recently in the Internet appeared the information about my concerts in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. Hang posters, sell tickets. Only neither I nor concert venues do not know about. Sell tickets crooks! By appropriate authorities, please note. At this point in 2018, the year of the planned two concerts: 20 February, in Chisinau and 21 February in Yaroslavl. Other concerts are not confirmed — Paul wrote in social networks. — Maybe somewhere else declared my “left” concerts?”

Fans mourn for deception in social networks, because tickets for the performances Will not come cheap. “How so? Bought a ticket for 6000 in the first rows in Vladivostok…”, “Also bought… Billboards around town was,” write distressed fans.

Recently in the same situation was Svetlana Loboda. Only in her case, she knew exactly who it sells tickets for unscheduled concerts.