Paul Priluchny: “to mock, but in moderation!»

Павел Прилучный: «Ругаться надо, но в меру!»
The actor shared his thoughts about parenting.

Paul Priluchny

Photo: OK Live

Popular actor Paul Priluchny, who is called
the best dad and an exemplary family man, spoke about his views on education

“To superpapa of course, I do not hold, but eager
thereto. A book on psychology — this is complete nonsense, nonsense, there is some writing, —
said Paul in the Studio — No child scream,
not the child to scream. Are you serious? And then what will become of him? Swear
not, but in case”.

In addition, Priluchny told about where
appeared a vlog of his wife, the beautiful Agatha muceniece, which is now so popular
in the network.

“She had the idea, and I have this idea fueled. History
is that the Internet one way or another hog soon the planet. And then we
such a bad family. Now we have a new editor, but in General I would like,
to this story resembled the movie. That is to release once a month good video.
With good light, some history. And to a professional level