Paul Priluchny: “the Son not happy with what I’m doing”

Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь» Today starts the second part of the acclaimed series “Mazhor”. On the eve of the premiere of Paul Priluchny said “StarHit” what surprises await viewers in the new series and how his son appreciates the work of the Pope.

      Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь»

      Today channel viewers will see the continuation of the series “Major”. The first part of the picture came out two years ago. Pretty impressive after the break, the creators of the film decided to satisfy the interest of fans and to tell you what happened next with the characters ‘ lives. The main role in “the Major” was played by Paul Priluchny. In an interview with “StarHit” he told me about what happened on set, what surprises await the audience, and also about his life outside of work. The actor with his wife Agatha muceniece has a three year old son Timothy, and eight-month-old daughter MIA.

      The first season of the series was released two years ago. Waited a long time for offers to appear in the second part?
      Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь»Due to the rather long pause at some point I thought that the second season will be gone. Some immediately begin to write the sequel, and in this case everything was different. So the proposal to withdraw the following season was a surprise to all. I was pleased to return to this project, worked in pleasure. On the second season worked almost the same team that worked on the first, in addition to the Director of Constantine of the State. He had other filming, so in its place appeared two young Director – Maksim polinskiy, and Nikolai Bulygin. They are young, ambitious. —
      How long he worked on the second season?
      Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь»We shot 12 episodes for 83 days. Time is, of course, very little. Over the first season we worked 105 days. But, as you know, because of the crisis again reduced all that you can. We started filming in January and ended in mid-March.—
      You said you do all the tricks that makes your character in the story. The wife does not dissuade you from this?
      Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь»Just in time for the filming of Agatha was pregnant and, of course, worried. Thank God the injuries I had. I went down on a rope from the building of the hospital. It was around the 10th floor. More on the script next to me was supposed to explode machine, this episode also did no doubles.—
      Agatha must have been very worried?
      Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь»I think Agatha was more worried about the fact that I often due the filming was not at home. But of course, I tried every free moment to be with family. The shooting took place in St. Petersburg, and his wife, son and I came for a while.

      This season appears Vera Brezhnev. How did you work together?
      Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь»Everything was perfect, Faith is not only a good singer, but she also has extensive experience of filming in movies. She is a true professional, so I knew what to do in the story.

      What surprises await viewers of the new season? Will there be a completed love story of the main character?
      Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь»It seems to me that the audience that was watching the first season, the trailers can guess what will happen next with the characters. I think the videos explain almost the whole story. In my opinion, it is possible to understand what awaits the heroes of the series. —
      During the filming I made some adjustments to the script, the plot or the behavior of his characters?
      Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь»Yes, of course, from time to time we all gathered together to discuss some details – something to add, to remove, to cut. Cinema is a collective art. Sometimes I would travel with the team to change something.

      In one interview you said that your son Timothy doesn’t know you’re an actor. When are you going to tell him about his profession?
      Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь»In fact, Timothy was me a couple of times on the court. Honestly, he was not happy about what I’m doing. For him it is boring and stupid. I understand – it is now much more interesting “Peppa Pig”, “Spiderman”, “paw patrol”. And my films yet. Despite the fact that I was there doing different tricks. He still didn’t appreciate it.—
      Do you have some difference is to be a dad of a boy or girl?
      Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь»Of course, until I fully felt what it means to be the girl’s father. This, hopefully, will come later, MIA is still very small. But already it is clear how children are different. Daughter more understandable. For example, when the baby’s crying, we can guess what she wants. When they shouted to Timothy, we didn’t understand what was happening. So I can now say that girls are smarter. —
      Most recently was the christening of MIA, and fans were hoping to finally see her face. When are you going to show the baby?
      Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь»To be honest, there’s no strategy for when to show a daughter. Don’t know how it will turn out, now is the time. I’m on the road, Agatha, too busy, we don’t have opportunities. In General, we plan to arrange a beautiful photo shoot and then we will show daughter. So we don’t wait and don’t make a mystery out of this.

      What mode are you based now with Agatha after the appearance of the second child?
      Павел Прилучный: «Сын не в восторге от того, чем я занимаюсь»Now, of course, hard for us. We are glad when there are some projects in crisis, offers not so much. When Agatha was at work, my mother comes to babysit, we have a nanny – a beautiful woman, so that children are always under supervision. I, of course, very sorry that I spend with children is not as much time as I would like. —
      Now you have another concern – the construction of the house. When planning to enter new home?
      We very much hope that the New year will enter. We literally left the finishing touches. Agatha herself acted as the designer came up with, and what will be in the new house.