Paul Priluchny: “our third child will be a very unusual name»

Павел Прилучный: «У нашего третьего ребенка будет очень необычное имя»
The actor and his wife Agata muceniece came to the name choice very responsibly.

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny with children

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny in a joint interview told about an unusual family tradition.

“Agata recently analyzed and realized that we have developed
tradition every year to have a new family member. We have all the time
there is someone — a cat, a dog, a child, still a child, parrots,
turtle, fish,” smiles Paul.

Now the couple is thinking about a third child. “Recently on vacation Paul began to tell me that he wants a third child. I replied that we only recently “blew” only now, when the kids are a bit older, with them was fun and easy, no sleep deprivation, no severe that is associated with babies. And Pasha said, “So let’s take an adult”. We wanted my sister to “squeeze” daughter, my niece Amanda, but we do not give” laughed Agatha. “We have fun with the kids, cool, fun to raise, and they have
turn out great. So why not? No danger of that,
for example, to have their third child and we dramatically miss the food…” — jokes in response to Paul.

The couple agree that the name of the third child will be very original.

“You know, when we called my daughter MIA, thought it was a very original name and no one will ever use it. Now Miy became very much! smiling at the indignant Agatha. “So the third child will invent a brand new name, what had not existed before. The original name is a” — supported the wife of Paul.

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