Paul Priluchny light under the “plywood”

Павел Прилучный зажжет под «фанеру» The actor will be leading the new musical project of the First channel. More information about the upcoming show, the shooting of which will start next week, not yet reported. According to Paul Priluchnogo, he’s happy to try new things.

      Recently, the media reported that the star of the series “Major” Pavel Priluchny try yourself in the role of leading the new musical project of the First channel. According to various sources, it will be called “Battle of phonograms” or “Kings of plywood”. Release date program aired is still unknown.

      It is also reported that the work on the transmission will start soon. The announcement of the filming of the program appeared on the Network. “11, 12 April kicks off the new musical super show. Age 18-45 years… Clothing in bright colours,” say the team leaders, who engaged in the selection of extras in TV projects.

      In the upcoming launch of the event, which will also include celebrities, will compete in the skill to sing with phonogram. Winners will be determined by viewers. During the conversation with the correspondent the star of the movie and TV confirmed his appointment. He also added that he was glad to test himself in a new role, and described the program as easy and youth. According to star “Posh”, he was creative producer of the show Yana Churikova.

      Program with the participation Priluchnogo will be similar to the American entertainment Lip Sync Battle, which appeared on television screens in 2015. At various times it was attended by such celebrities as Anne Hathaway, Emily blunt, Olivia brown, Mellor Hawkes and others. Their version of the popular program was released in many countries, including the UK, Poland, Canada, Mexico and China.

      Note that earlier Paul Priluchny was a co-host Yevgeny Pisarev in a humorous TV show of NTV channel, “the Couple Pinochet”. The actor has replaced Yury Chursina. In addition to well-known artists in the project have also been busy with the team captain of KVN “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” Grigory Malygin. The first edition of the program with the participation of Priluchnogo was released in July 2011, but soon the TV show decided to close.

      We also add that not so long ago the actor informed fans about the start of filming the new season of “Major”. “Sit!” – shared Priluchny, accompanying his post with the hashtag with the name of many beloved project. Fans of the actor rejoiced the long-awaited continuation of the adventures of Igor Sokolov. “Soon would”, “Cheers”,”!”, “Fire”, “Cool”, “Great news”, “Cool”, “Super”, is discussed by users of social networks.