Павел Прилучный празднует годовщину свадьбы
The marriage of the actor was 6 years old.

Paul Priluchny and Agata muceniece

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Paul Priluchny and agate muceniece celebrate six years
anniversary of marriage, which is called “iron”. In the sixth year of life, says popular
wisdom, the time has come to strengthen their relationship and improve life. Cast iron
— heavy and durable metal, anniversary, named in his honor, represents
relations of the spouses. If a couple is trying tenderly and with respect to each
to each other, to this date, their relationship should grow stronger and become closer and
dearer. That is exactly what happened in the family of actors. Because Paul and Agatha is not
tired to confess to one another in love. And today the actress touching
confessed love to her husband.

“Six years ago we decided to go together on life, says
Agatha. Is the time passed like a moment, although looking back,
you know, many things have happened. We even gave birth to two wonderful,
new people, though you people do not like! (smiles) Our marriage (stupid word), —
this vortex. We rush forward in a constant cycle of events. We are together
cried, laughed, had children, worked, rested, behaved decently, or not
really, sometimes we get moments of complete despair, but we’re taxiing in,
you always pulled out! Sometimes I Wake up early in the morning you are not
believe his luck, never even to imagine, especially looking through
magazines in my childhood that I will have such a wonderful husband! And not just any husband, and
the person who is next in life, which is never scary, which
you can always count on, who will give you a jacket and he will freeze,
who built a house and planted a lot of trees that will tie any
the screw that can come up and ask when I dye my hair: “You
to help?” You name it. You’re my universe! I’m sorry I sometimes do
nonsense, but I every day love you more and I will try to make you
happy! You are my light!”

By the way, in
exclusive interview with the magazine “7 days” Agatha admitted that he believes no such
families who would periodically not been quarreling. Moreover, the actress
sure it “animates” the marriage makes the relationship of husband and wife more vivid.

“We depend only
rule: the children in any case should not see mom and dad fight, —
said muceniece. There was a moment when her husband did not shouted, as a joke
said something, and came rushed to the defense of: “mom is Not necessary so to speak.” It
it was so touching. But basically people need to vent sometimes
negative. And it’s a perfectly healthy relationship when husband and wife quarrel,
reconciled, again quarrel, make up again”.