Paul Priluchny blew millions on luxury cars

Павел Прилучный спустил миллионы на шикарную иномарку The actor has bought a luxury car brand. Paul Priluchny talked about his purchase in vlog wife Agatha muceniece. The actor could not get enough of the technical characteristics of the car and the comfort with which he drives on the roads.
Павел Прилучный спустил миллионы на шикарную иномарку

The star of the series “Major” Pavel Priluchny got a new car. The actor bought the SUV of the famous German brand. Your purchase actor and TV presenter boasted in a video blog wife Agatha muceniece. However, the wife of Paul its acquisition had not quite liking. Agata compare a luxury car with a tank. Priluchny denied the statements chosen and described advantages of the vehicle.

According to Paul, he has not stinted on tuning the car. The actor does not hide delight from buying. Apparently, Priluchny long dreamed about such a car. The actor gave a little steer his wife that she appreciated the advantages of the vehicle.

“This is the best car ever in the world. Simply divine! Everything is “swapped” with all things. Look how nice the sound of the engine. This is the coolest “gelek” available” – tried Priluchny to convince the wife.
Павел Прилучный спустил миллионы на шикарную иномарку
Павел Прилучный спустил миллионы на шикарную иномарку

Muceniece recognized that car really comfortable to drive, but hastened to return home. The actress found the car just as tough as her husband. “A real woman should pretend that she is very interesting, and it all involved,” said muceniece, when Priluchny away for a couple of minutes.

It should be noted that this is not the first major acquisition of Paul and Agatha. In an interview with the star of the series “C” are allocated to an event such as a sale. According to the actor, he took a mortgage. While spouses live outside the city, because their new home is in full swing repair. Agatha admits that the construction work of the property cost them a tidy sum. Muceniece priluchny and not wait for the moment when finally moved to Moscow.

New apartment of actors located at the 33rd floor. From the Windows offer scenic views of the neighboring house. Agatha and Paul would occasionally visit to check on the progress of the repair. Pair personally supervises the work.

Recall that Agatha muceniece became co-host Dmitry Nagiyev in the fifth season of “the Voice. Children.” The actress was replaced by Svetlana Zeynalov. Agatha admitted that he experienced before the beginning of work in the vocal show. Colleagues of the actress came to her aid. According to muceniece, Nagiev gave her professional advice about how to stand in the frame and explained other technical aspects.

After the premiere of the continue show, Agatha said it plans to lose weight. Now, the actress is actively struggling with being, in her opinion, pounds. Star regularly goes to training and limit themselves in power.