Paul Priluchny and agate muceniece move to the 33rd floor

Павел Прилучный и Агата Муцениеце переезжают на 33-й этаж
The actors decided to move from the suburbs to the capital.

Paul Priluchny with his wife Agatha muceniece


Paul Priluchny and agate muceniece decided to move from the suburbs to the capital and bought a luxurious apartment in the center of Moscow. Now in their new apartment, located on the 33rd floor, is in full swing repair. “To live well: quiet, comfortable, with nature all around us — shared the actor. But it takes too long to get to work, and Agatha and I more and more appreciate the time. Here and purchased housing in the city. Can’t get enough”. The actor has always dreamed of a big family. While he has two children — daughter MIA and son Timothy. But Paul does not exclude that he and Agatha can take a child from the orphanage. “We are often visited by such thoughts, says Priluchny. While we are not in a hurry, but it can be. Foster or family — I don’t care, I love children. A big happy family — it’s cool!”

I wonder
what about a month ago, Paul bought himself a new “friend”. He bought one of
the most expensive German SUVs in the coolest of possible configurations.
What’s more, this jeep not just a car from the factory. It “brought to mind”
the most well known company for car tuning in the world. The base cost
this 14 million rubles. But when you consider all the bells and whistles and improvements,
price increases for at least another 50 percent.

“This is the best
the car, which generally is in the world! says a satisfied Paul. — It’s just
divine! Everything is “swapped”, the sound of the engine — pleasant. This is the
cool “gelek” available”.