Павел Прилучный и Агата Муцениеце отмечают деревянную свадьбу
The actress has dedicated a touching post to her husband.

Paul Priluchny and Agata muceniece

Paul Priluchny and agate muceniece celebrate the fifth anniversary
from the day of the wedding. Since that time, this couple managed to acquire the status of
one of the most beautiful, strong and harmonious star families.

They met on the set of the TV series “Closed school” and
then on inseparable. In five years, the feelings of Agatha and Paul are not only extinguished, but also
sparkle with new colors — first of all, thanks to his daughter MIA and son Timothy.

Every day Paul and Agatha recognized each other in love, and in
separation miss him a lot.

Today Agata has posted a touching post on the page
in the social network, dedicated to love. “Today is the best day! — says the actress. — This was the day I discovered happiness to be with you. Thanks to you I realized how great it is to be a family and do something for another person! Let our happiness lasts forever.”

The stars will celebrate five years of family life until tomorrow when Paul will return to Moscow. Now the artist is busy in a new
the NTV series “Victor act” and often have to leave.

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