Paul Priluchny and agate muceniece back together

Павел Прилучный и Агата Муцениеце снова вместе After a loud quarrel, the couple decided to keep the family together. Agatha muceniece posted a short video in the microblog, showing the family idyll with Paul Priluchny.
Павел Прилучный и Агата Муцениеце снова вместе

About a month in the family acting couple reigned misunderstanding. The wife then denied the breakup, it was announced that we are on the verge of divorce. To the delight of fans of the star couple seems to have overcome the black stripe in their family life. Today Agata muceniece has published a video in which she rides her bike, gently hugging her husband.

“Finally see you two together! Please tell me that divorce is cancelled”, “Agatha, you and Paul are made for each other. Do not destroy the family,” “I Love these two. The most sincere pair of Russian show business”, – commented on the happy news with fans of the artists.
Павел Прилучный и Агата Муцениеце снова вместе

Agatha is in no hurry to make an official statement. Yesterday the actress had complained she was sick and so she has to spend warm summer days in bed. Apparently, Paul decided to distract his wife from her gloomy thoughts, so they went together to metoprololu.

Recall that the rumors about the breakup of the actors went a long time, but muceniece confirmed only in early summer. After the scandalous statement of the actress on “marriage, paused”, many fans speculated that the gap Paul and Agatha is just a well thought out PR. However, the star was quick to dispel such speculation.

“If one of you decided that we put marriage and relationships on pause for the sake of PR, feel free to unsubscribe from us! We do nothing, especially if we are talking about our relationship, not doing for the sake of cheap PR! We realized one thing: we can do everything, but can’t live without each other. Therefore, despite all our internal differences, we will find ways,” said Agatha about two weeks ago.

Apparently, the couple was able to find the same path that helped them to build relationships with each other. Anyway, with Paul agate all also looks incredibly happy.

Fans are confident that the stars will be able to cope with a family crisis and save his love. Besides, the actors are ready for more to go for the happiness of children – a five-year Timothy and two year old MIA. Perhaps the heirs were the reason the house Priluchny peace.

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