Paul McCartney starred in the fifth part of “pirates of the Caribbean”

Пол Маккартни снялся в пятой части "Пиратов Карибского моря"

Sir Paul McCartney

The beauty and pride of British culture, one of the founders of the legendary group The Beatles sir Paul McCartney decided to personally experience what is “fifteen men on the dead man’s chest”. The musician has agreed to star in the episode the fifth part of “pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales”.

Lee was inspired by sir Paul colorful and exciting game franchise or the success of his colleagues, guitarist of The Rolling Stones Keith Richards, who acted as the father of Jack Sparrow in the episode the third part, is unknown. Not disclosed also, what kind of role was given to the British musician in the film. The film, by the way, is already removed and a small scene featuring McCartney will be added to the final version.

Пол Маккартни снялся в пятой части "Пиратов Карибского моря"
Keith Richards as captain Teague

The premiere of the fifth part of the franchise is scheduled for may 26, 2017. Unchanged in addition to johnny Depp, the film starred Geoffrey rush and Javier Bardem, as well as Orlando bloom, who returned to the audience in a familiar way will Turner. The press wrote that the Directors picture has decided to significantly cut back the role of captain Jack Sparrow for Javier Bardem, who played the main villain, captain Salazar.

Film producer Jerry Bruckheimer had previously published in his Twitter a teaser with frame bound his hands and feet johnny Depp and signed: “Captain Jack Sparrow is back, and more we can’t let go”. How to know: the Depp, by the way, already declared that is ready to say goodbye to the role of eccentric pirate after the release of the fifth part.

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