Патрик Демпси счастлив, что вернулся к жене

How to make people well? Do poorly, and then – as before. Patrick Dempsey, star of TV series “grey’s Anatomy”, who went back to his dearest wife, Jillian, and if you believe the rumors to be planning her fourth child, could not believe his luck.

“Patrick’s life was full of colors since then, as Jillian took him back. Since they are not breaking up,” said the insider.
Jillian Fink, who is the wife of Patrick since 1999, filed for divorce last year. The woman tired of the constant traveling husband and his dangerous hobby of racing. The courts by the fact that in the day when Jillian took the divorce papers with the appropriate authority, and Patrick went to another rally, this passion for the sport almost cost him his marriage.
Think better of it, Dempsey asked his wife to return, then begged her to start over. Assertiveness and the three kids did their thing – Fink gave another try. Last fall, the couple was already dancing with and kissing on the Paris streets.
“Since the return of Patrick to Jillian, he completely changed. His career went up, Semenya life has become happier and calmer, and he began to look younger, despite the fact that have never applied to a plastic surgeon and beautician. Patrick knows all these positive changes happened with it, thanks to Gillian. He is more confident near her. All their friends and relatives begged them to reunite. At the moment they are incredibly happy,” — said the insider, and added that Patrick hopes to return to the big screen with the film “a kid of Bridget Jones”.

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