Paternity Maxim Galkin again questioned

Отцовство Максима Галкина опять поставили под сомнение
Sadalsky has provoked a new scandal in your Network.

Harry and Liza Pugacheva Galkin

Photo: @Instagram maxgalkinru Maxim Galkin

Paternity Maxim Galkin has previously been in doubt. In an interview Sergei chelobanov said that he had planned with Alla Pugacheva children, and for this purpose they are passed in Israel, a biomaterial, which was allegedly later used in the birth of Lisa and Harry Galkinym. This topic has had time to die down, because children Diva is very similar to Galkina, not Chelobanova. So, after discussing the “hot topic”, fans of the star couple safely forget about it. However, Stas Sadalsky again raised in social networks this burning question.

What actor did this now, is unclear, because no one except Sergei, for the last time is no longer expressed doubt as to the paternity of rest. Perhaps Sadalsky remembered about this topic in connection with the scandal that erupted not so long ago between Maxim and Alexey Panin. Stellar colleagues find out the relationship through social networks: Panin Galkin threatened with a shotgun and ascribes him to be gay, and he writes about Alexei offensive poems, which makes fun of Panin. It is not excluded that Sadalsky wanted to be in trend with the latest events in showbiz, so I remembered the episode with Chelobanov.

The objectives pursued Sadalsky, he managed to re-start in the network of heated discussion of the topic of paternity Galkin. Fans again have doubts as to whether parodist biologically the father of Lisa and Harry or not?