Pasta with meatballs: Clooney congratulated his wife with a wedding anniversary

Паста с фрикадельками: Клуни поздравил жену с годовщиной свадьбы

While all the attention focused on the breakup of one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood, another, no less beautiful and famous couple said neither more nor less than the second anniversary of their marriage.

Oh, this heartthrob George! And this time he managed to score and a very original way to congratulate the spouse with the second wedding anniversary. Although, hand on heart, we would place Amal thought, but not reason enough to throw a scandal for the fact that the spouse has decided to save the celebration?

In light of recent events, a celebration of a married couple would have remained unnoticed if not for George himself. Known for their funny antics, the famous heartthrob in his characteristic manner, told the journalists about this important event. “Contrary to many predictions, we are together and celebrated the second wedding anniversary,” said the actor to the Western edition. All anything, but when you consider that the celebration was held with magnificent scale, and, like that song, “wedding sang and danced” for three days, causing a miniature Venice to stragetist from the influx of star guests and numerous fans, it is unclear why the second anniversary of the couple had a very modest.

Although all the details are so important for a couple of day Clooney did not disclose, however, proudly announced that he had personally cooked dinner for Amal. But we all know that Mrs. Clooney has a very low opinion about the culinary abilities of her husband, so George decided not to tempt fate and as a romantic, well furnished and personally cooked pasta, generously seasoned meatballs from a tin. Yes, in the menu of Hollywood actor this evening was listed as an aperitif and semi-finished products. “On this day, we, of course, drinking. And enjoyed a family dinner, which was served pasta with canned meatballs. And we ourselves were very civilized manner”, – finished his modest story George.

That, in a residence held a family dinner to congratulate the spouses in this day and what gifts exchanged pair (if any), unfortunately, is unknown. Clooney has repeatedly made it clear to journalists that he intends to protect his private life, and, it seems, really is true to his word. Also the actor has very rigidly reacted to the news about the divorce of his best friend brad pitt and saying that “he knows nothing about it, but in any case, it’s all very sad”, and changed the subject.