Страсти кипят: Лохан узнала об измене бойфренда с русским дизайнером

The 30-year-old star of “mean girls”said that waiting for Yegor’s baby.

Fans was really glad that beauty Lindsay Lohan has finally found happiness and no longer live in bars and Nightclubs. All the free time she spent with her new boyfriend 23 – year-old Russian millionaire Egor Tarasovym.

“Love her face” – they wrote. But as it turned out, between couples is not so smooth. The actress suspected her boyfriend of treason.

And all because last night was very rough for the actress. Yegor did not come home tonight, but was having fun in a nightclub surrounded by girls. One of them found out it was Russian designer Dasha Posevkina.

The news so upset the actress, that it immediately woke up disposition “Cool Georgia”.

“I understand you, I too was like this in 23 years. Everything changes when you’re 26-27 years. Thank you for today did not come overnight. Fame changes people,” she wrote in anger to his page in the network.

But not limited thereto. And soon published the home address of Dashi, and her e-mail with bizarre hashtags… But think better of it, all deleted.

Who knows, maybe such a change in the mood of the actress and truth associated with its interesting position? All media have often written that the couple is expecting a child. Moreover, the emotions of the night admitted it and she Lohan.

“I’m really engaged. And most likely, is pregnant” she confessed.

What remains to hope that Egor will come to their senses. And will be able to make Lindsay happy.

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