Паше Воле жестко отомстил участник телешоу «Импровизация»
Anton Shastun almost threw a colleague from the stage.

Паше Воле жестко отомстил участник телешоу «Импровизация»

Party show “Improvisation”
Anton Shastun debuted in the jury of the show “Comedy battle” on the TNT channel, failing
to win on the master, Paul Will “bullying” in “Improvisation”.

In the show “Improvisation” Will of the leading machines of the permanent participants
different tests: has current or makes you run barefoot on the floor, strewn with
the mousetraps. Among the “victims – Anton Shastun. It’s time to repay the debt.

In “Comedy battle” Anton and Paul already met. In 2013, anyone
not a well known guy from Voronezh Shastun Anton have played well, however, never
managed to reach the final. In 2018 as the lead actor of the show
“Improvisation” he took a seat among the other members of the jury of the “Comedy battle” — the Seeds
Slepakova and Yulia Akhmedova.

The debut was successful. Anton accustomed in the chair of the jury
and first thing checked the operation of the lever by which judges lead in
the movement of the stage to throw her unfunny participants. The mechanism worked, and
Anton almost sent to the Mat leading “Comedy battle” Paul Will.

But still the main purpose of the Anton to understand how easy it is
to act as a judge in a humorous battle.

“I was really nervous, not like a humorous competition.
It seems to me, adds unnecessary anxiety, — commented on his debut Anton
Shastun. — Moreover, I myself was once a member of the project, so
knew coming on the scene, remembering his excitement. I think I
worried even more for some participants. Of course, hard for someone to deny that
anyway, I don’t know how to say “no”. The more that came out to the stage
not only young comedians and experienced comedians, most of whom I know
at the TNT show “don’t sleep”. But I tried to be as objective as possible”.