Party “House-2” talking about strong feelings toward Olga Buzova

Участник «Дома-2» заговорил о сильных чувствах к Ольге Бузовой Roman Gritsenko hoping for sympathy. According to the guy, he is not afraid of difficulties, so he thinks he has a chance to conquer Buzova. A young man tries to Woo Olga and become her boyfriend.

About a week fans of the TV show discuss the relationship of Olga Buzova and Roman Gritsenko. Many have noticed that the young man is partial to the presenter. Recently, the participant “House-2” even gave the star a beautiful bouquet of roses. “You smiled, and that’s enough for me”, – wrote the novel under one of the pictures with Buzova. Some followers are already giving him advice on how to impress Olga, and others believe that the guy has no chance. In one of the editions of the young man even confessed to a celebrity in his feelings. According to him, she is a special girl. Gritsenko insisted that he wants to be with Buzova and others participating in telestroke not paying attention.

“I’m an adventurer and a dreamer, so I think that the chance to achieve Buzova I have. Of course, even in the whole country in this chance believe me if I did not think so, that makes sense to me at all, then start the whole story? It would be at least silly,” admitted Roma.

Olga repeatedly noted that she has quite high demands to men. She wants to feel safe with a potential mate. Roma said that if His going to return his affections, he will do everything possible not to disappoint her.

“I like a man should develop and try to grow in order to match them. Because it is clear that in the status in which I now find chances enough. I will try to develop, to work. I expressed my sympathy, and then would that be… She told me on the forehead said, “I don’t believe you”. Now I’m going to do everything in order to restore it,” – said Gritsenko with the portal “Dom2Life”.