От участия в «Новогодней ночи» на Первом отказались шесть артистов “StarHit” reviewed Christmas playlists the Federal channels. Of the 30 performers that visitors selected “Classmates” for the First, only 24 were in the air. However, during the year, the part of the artists there changed a lot, many moved on “Russia 1”.
От участия в «Новогодней ночи» на Первом отказались шесть артистов

Early last year, immediately after a festive alconcerto, the Network has begun’or, provoked by Maxim Fadeev, Yuri Loza, other masters of Russian pop music, which still can not return to screens, Telekritika and some journalists. It is time, they say, to change the composition of participants in the new air. Tired in the literal and figurative meanings of old faces. Actualicma, not Alia give them!

The channel “Russia 1” in a manner characteristic of the channel remained silent. More precisely, softly spoke, sending out a media ratings: the star’s, like, all satisfied.

But the leadership of the First cheered and organized a survey in the social network “Odnoklassniki”: who would you like to see in the New year on the blue screen?

“For us it was interesting and surprising experiment is born impromptu – told in the beginning of November, summing up the people’s will, Yuri Aksyuta, the Executive producer of music and entertainment programs of the First channel. – In short, we coincided in many respects, but where it got interesting tips, and with pleasure will invite to participate in our Christmas project of artists who had not been involved in our broadcasts.”

According to Aksyuta, invitations to new year’s show got all 30 artists – leaders of the audience voting…

Well, the holiday has died down, the air held (to be true, and yet the replays), it’s time to take stock. “StarHit” carefully studied playlist fresh “Christmas night”, and then compared it with the list of winners in the “Classmates” and playlist 2017.

От участия в «Новогодней ночи» на Первом отказались шесть артистов

Only in this festive night on the First sounded of 86 songs, against 64 in the previous year. As it turned out, the part of the artists really has undergone serious changes. Instead of Nadezhda Babkina, who participated in the show last year, appeared Tamara Gverdtsiteli, instead of the composer Igor Krutoy – composer Denis Maydanov, instead of Oleg Gazmanov – his son Rodion. Sergey Lazarev was replaced by Alexei Vorobyov, Agutin and Varum – Kormukhina with Belov. Natalia Podolskaya has temporarily remained without Vladimir Presnyakov. This time there was not a Siskin nor Elena Temnikova, no Victoria Daineko. To replace them in 2018, came, Mitya Fomin, Vladimir Kuzmin, Alexei Glyzin, Soso Pavliashvili and Denis Klyaver. Wanted changes? Get!

The pillars, of course, remained in their places. Philip Kirkorov sang in the new year broadcast of channel three songs: “turn on the joy switch off the sadness”, “Blues Stars” – with Christina Aguilera and Just a Gigolo – again solo. Yuri Antonov, Stas Mikhailov, Filipp Kirkorov, Sofia Rotaru, and joined them Ani Lorak and Stas Pieha made twice.

That is the promise of a 30-ka? From the top list of “Classmates” in “Christmas night” appeared only 24 of the contractor. Apparently, six groups have refused due to various reasons. So, in the lead sentences of the First did not respond Nargiz Zakirova and the group SEREBRO, which, as we know, are wards of Maxim Fadeev. Producer, recall, is counter to the direction of the channel.

In addition, the filming did not accept the participation of Ukrainian musicians and groups from “Time And Glass” (and they were broadcast last year), the group-a provocation “Mushrooms” and the idol of young girls Max Barsky.

Also in the final play-list was not shocking and terribly popular with the youth of the rappers of the Duo MiyaGi & Endgame. The musicians scored more than 21 thousand votes and made it to the coveted top 30 (list is below). But, apparently, the First channel for them – “do not format”.

От участия в «Новогодней ночи» на Первом отказались шесть артистов

By the WAY

Almost all deprived air of the First channel appeared on “Russia 1”. For example, Sergey Lazarev sang in “Blue light” three times, Nadezhda Babkina and Leonid Agutin – two. The book, however, and then managed to sing three songs. As Nikolai Baskov. Kings, pop-pop, after all. Was on the “Russia 1” is noted, and Igor Krutoy, and Oleg Gazmanov, Alexander Buinov, and Taisiya Povaliy. First, recall that their place was not found.

TOP 30 artists according to the version of visitors of “Classmates”

  • Grigory Leps, 68 238 votes
  • Ani Lorak, 48 804 votes
  • Nargiz, 43 728 votes
  • Polina Gagarina, 42, 421 voice
  • Artik pres.Asti, 39 717 votes
  • Grouping “Leningrad”, 36 907 votes
  • Alekseev, 35 642 votes
  • Group “Hands Up!”, 33 318 votes
  • Svetlana Loboda, 31 346 votes
  • Alla Pugacheva, 30 708 votes
  • Burito, 30 015 votes
  • Valeria, 28 627 votes
  • Basta, 27 999 votes
  • Irina Allegrova, 27 405 votes
  • Elena, 26 883 votes
  • Yuri Shatunov, 26 877 votes
  • Max Barskih, 25 359 votes
  • Egor Krid, 24 813 votes
  • Dan Balan, 21 502 votes
  • Rappers MiyaGi & # 110 21 votes
  • SEREBRO, 20 763 votes
  • Stas Mikhailov, 20 705 votes
  • Natalie, 20, 324 votes
  • Philip, 20, 315 votes
  • Sofia Rotaru, 19 198 votes
  • Group “Time And Glass”, 18 votes 435
  • Stas Peha, 17 694 votes
  • IOWA, 598 17 votes
  • “Mushrooms,” 17 335 votes
  • Singer Slava, 964 16 votes

The complete list of artists who performed at the First new year’s eve

1. Sergey Nikitin and Tatyana (“Alexander”)
2. Grigory Leps (“What have you done”)
3. Polina Gagarina (“no more Drama”)
4. Albina dzhanabaeva, Valery Meladze, Vera Brezhnev and Konstantin Meladze (“Hide tears from strangers”)
5. Philip (“turn on the joy switch off the sadness”)
6. Joseph and Nelly Kobzon (“Old maple”)
7. The star of the show “the best!” Arina Zenkin
8. Natalie (Happy New Year)
9. Zara and Al Bano (Felicita)
10. Stas Mikhailov and Elena Sever (“don’t call, can’t hear”)
11. Valery Leontiev (“hang gliding”)
12. Sofia Rotaru (“White winter”)
13. Yuri Antonov (“wish”)
14. LOBODA (“Your Eyes”)
15. Grigory Leps (“Terminator”)
16. Ani Lorak (“You are love”)
17. “Hands Up!” (“Cry in the dark”)
18. Alla Pugacheva (“I fly”)
19. Egor creed (“Few, little”)
20. Lubov Uspenskaya (“Favorite”)
21. Yuri Antonov (“I remember”)
22. Filipp Kirkorov and Kristina Orbakaite (“Star Blues”)
23. Yuri Shatunov (“Christmas”)
24. Elena and Roberto Kel Torres (Mueve La Cintura Mulata)
25. ALEKSEEV (“Oceans of steel”)
26. Sofia Rotaru (“Love is alive”)
27. Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Soso Pavliashvili (“Chito – Gvrito”)
28. Artik & Asti (“Indivisible”)
29. Irina Allegrova (“My family”)
30. Glory (“you”)
31. Stas Mikhaylov (“the Cranes are flying to China”)
32. IOWA (“Bad dancing”)
33. Dima Bilan (“Stop”)
34. Ivan Urgant, Alla Mikheeva and Dmitry Nagiyev (children’s songs unusual votes)
35. Sergey Nikitin and Tatyana (“If you do not have aunts”)
36. The “Factory” (Asereje)
37. Lev Leshchenko and Jasmine (“Happiness”)
38. Group “Leningrad” (“The Buoy”)
39. Emin and Vladimir Kuzmin (“I will not forget you”)
40. Nyusha (“love”)
41. Lyme Vajkule and singer Intars Busulis (“My muses”)
42. Burito (“waves”)
43. Dina and Sergei Volchkov (“snowing”)
44. Valeria (“Heart broken”)
45. Tree (“Let the music”)
46. Garik Sukachev (“playing the Lights”)
47. Basta (“Prom”)
48. Dan Balan and Vera Brezhnev (“Our Summer”)
49. Philip (Just a Gigolo)
50. Lolita (“the Truth”)
51. “Lube” (“Rain and I”)
52. Alexander Vorobyov and Metodii Bujor (“Let it snow”)
53. Stas Pieha (“calendar”)
54. “C” (“Want”)
55. School “Recital” (Every Night And Every Day”)
56. “The city 312” (“Snow swirls”)
57. Julia Samoylova (the Flame is burning)
58. Valentin Biryukov and Evgeny Kungurov (Taka Takata)
59. Presenters of the First channel (“If it had not been winter”)
60. Igor Nikolaev (“Exception”)
61. Anastasia Spiridonov and Alexander Panayotov (Radio Ga Ga)
62. Daria Antonyuk (Candyman)
63. Julia Baranovskaya and Alexander Gordon (“the Dialogue at the Christmas tree”)
64. Uma2rmaH (“you know, there will still be”)
65. “Kings of plywood” (Jingle Bells)
66. Natalia Podolsky (“Winter”)
67. Selim (“the long Road”)
68. Denis Maidanov (“Snowing”)
69. “Quatro” (“the Ceiling ice”)
70. Stas Pieha (“I’m with you”)
71. Irina Dubtsova (“Love me long”)
72. Mark Tishman (“the Best city in the world”)
73. Margarita Pozoyan (“Towards the sun”)
74. Alexey Glyzin (“the Christmas song”)
75. Olga Kormuhina and Alexei Belov (Moscow Сalling)
76. Alexey Vorobyov (“Most beautiful”)
77. “Ivanushki International” (“Bullfinches”)
78. Denis Klyaver (“let’s save the world”)
79. Mitya Fomin (“All is well”)
80. MBAND (“Slow”)
81. Diana Gurtskaya (“Winter’s tale”)
82. Yulianna Karaulova (“Just”)
83. Elena Maksimova (“Happiness inside”)
84. Soso Pavliashvili (“For you”)
85. Rodion Gazmanov (“the Last snow”)
86. “My Michelle” (“Anastasia”)