Участвуйте в новом сезоне проекта «Худеем со «СтарХитом» Fill out the form on the website and get a chance to change your life. Team “StarHit” headed by Andrey Malakhov will take away those who are determined to fight obesity and expects to win.

    Участвуйте в новом сезоне проекта «Худеем со «СтарХитом»

    This part of the “lose Weight with StarHit “ anniversary, so special. We have prepared for you, dear readers, a brand new format! Note: the number of participants doubled for the first time in the history of the project to compete will be two teams, their captains champion fitness bikini, guru of healthy lifestyle and simple beauty. Girls don’t know what the work on oneself: one dropped 30 pounds, the other 12. Want to get into the team and get in shape in the company of stars and under the care of the best nutritionists, trainers and SPA experts?

    All participants were satisfied with the results. Fill out the form here before September 26. Be sure to check all of the boxes. The editors of the “StarHit” headed by Andrey Malakhov will choose the participants of the new season of project and publish their stories on 3 October.

    As it was

    In the fall of 2012, the second season of the project “lose Weight with StarHit”, its participants singer Alena Apina, Cornelia Mango and actress Irina Pegova. The company star first made an ordinary girl. Muscovite Yulia Augustowo out of thousands of contenders were chosen by the editorial Board, headed by Andrey Malakhov. The victory went to Julia, who in three months lost 24 kg and was weighing 93 kg! Augustus admitted that it was hard at first, and thanked her husband, who suffered her “hunger” hysteria.

    “It was difficult in the habitual way of life “fit” gym and treatments at the beauty salon − shared with “StarHit” the reader. And you diet is generally a nightmare! After work I like crazy rushed home – an evil from fatigue and hunger”. When she was close to breakdown, she phoned the chief editor of “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov with the words: “Julia, hold on! We, the editors all are worried about you”.

    The reader understood that there is no turning back. Second to finish came Korneliya Mango that dropped 10 kilograms. The singer didn’t stop there and after summing up the project of postroila. But Irina Pegova, which got rid of only 3 kg, have repented of their lack of willpower. Alena Apina, it was minus 4 kg, the first time suffered because of changes in feeding behavior.

    “I will never forget how I ate too much bran and two days could not leave the house – I’m totally torn! – said Alain. − At first it was wild that I can’t eat almost anything ate earlier.” But in the end the star was used to, and rejoiced in an unprecedented lightness throughout the body.

    Become a part of a large project. Send your application by filling in the form on the website and change your life.

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