Participants of “star Factory-3” reunited for a new project

Участники «Фабрики звезд-3» воссоединились для нового проекта The stars of the popular TV show came together again. Lesya Yaroslavl, Alexander Kireev, Julia Mikhalchik and Nikita Malinin published a joint photo from Studio. The fans hope that the artists working on a song.

In September 2013 launched the third season of the popular project “star Factory”. The winner was the son of Alexander Malinin Nikita. After the triumph, the artist has released a few songs, but gradually his fame began to fade. Despite the fact that the singer continues to make music, his compositions don’t rattle all over the country. At the end of the third season of the project there were two groups “Tutsi”, which was attended by Mary Weber, Lesya Yaroslavl, Irina Ortman and Anastasiya Kraynova and “KGB”, consisting of Alexander Kireev, Dmitry Golubev and Roman Barsukov. The participants who dropped from sight: how was their fate

Lesya Yaroslavskaya recently shared with fans a photo from the recording Studio. In the picture she was depicted with Nikita Malinin and Alexander Kireev.

“Planned story” – wrote in Instagram.

Fans of artists were intrigued by such images, and on one of the following frame there is another “the” star factory “participant” – Julia Mikhalchik. Fans were happy to see their favorite artists, which reunited after 14 years. Many have suggested that the musicians are preparing a surprise for them, and soon they’ll hear a new song. Julia Mikhalchik about divorce: “Son we did not explain anything”

“Well done, good luck, you will succeed”, “Dima Golubev would also Irina Ortman! Wait!”, “Favorite artists childhood, so would sign this picture of you and your songs not to forget, they fell in love, parted, danced the first slow jams”, “Cool! I love you, the very friendly and best factory of stars!” – began wrote followers.

Alexander Kireev not so long ago returned to creative activity. For some time he was forced to leave the stage, but in early summer this year felt the need to re-record a song and shoot a music video. Alexander Kireev: “I made a mistake, abruptly ceasing to cooperate with Drobysh”

“There was a desire to say something. The melodies, the lyrics. When I decided to record a song, we turned to the guys from Guru Groove Foundation, Tanya Samanidou. Come up with different “chips”, I tried, I got so much pleasure from the process of creating songs. When we came out, felt so inspired. Don’t know how it goes, plans are still in the ranks, start from the fact, as will be received,” – said the musician in an interview with “StarHit”.