Участники «Фабрики звезд-3» объединились ради триумфального возвращения Artists pleased fans rassekrechen long-awaited joint project. Nikita Malinin, Svetlana Svetikova, Masha Weber, Irina Ortman, Julia Mikhalchik, Alexander Kireev, Sonya Kuzmina, Dmitry Golubev and others have recorded Christmas song.

A few weeks ago, the third season of “American idol” was intrigued by the message that they are working on a new project. In social networks appeared a photo of Alexander Kireev, Lesya Yaroslavskaya, Yulia Mikhalchik and Nikita Malinin. The young people posed in a recording Studio. “Conceived story,” shared in social networks.

Fans of the cult TV show came to the delight of reunion “manufacturers”. Internet users have suggested that those working on a song together. New year’s eve, their suspicions confirmed. In social networks there was video of the song performed by the stars of the third season of the popular project: Nikita Malinin, Svetlana Svetikova, Alexander Kireev, Sonya Kuzmina, Dmitry Golubev, Lesya Yaroslavskaya, Masha Weber, Yulia Mikhalchik, Irina Ortman and Ruslan couric.

“Dear friends, happy New year! All happiness, love and kindness. This year together with “Factory of stars-3″ and recorded a Christmas song. How nice to get together after so many years. Thank you to everyone who participated in the creation of the track,” shared the Malinin.

As it turned out, that Nikita became the initiator of the reunion participants of the popular TV show. This was told by other performers. They admitted that they were very happy with the sudden reunion.

Show the third season of “American idol” was launched in the First channel in 2003. It was the year of the project participants of the anniversary – it’s been 15 years since the premiere of the show. The performers decided to show fans that still communicate well and are willing to support each other in daring endeavors. Users of social networks assume that the artists might as well start in a new joint tour.

This year the TV channel “MUZ-TV” represented a continuation of the cult TV show in which 15 thousand applicants were selected 16 lucky people who settled in “the star house”. The producer of the “New idol” became Victor Drobysh, and leading – Ksenia Sobchak. In the final show came Nikita Kuznetsov Mastank, Juliana Senecca, Elman Zeynalov, Guzel Khasanova, Daniel Danilevsky and group “17 North”, consisting of Xena, Evgeny Trofimov and Daniel Puvinskii. Show a critical edition of the program took place on 9 December. The winner called the 24-year-old Guzel Khasanov from Ulyanovsk. The winner of the “New American idol”