Participants of Junior Eurovision: “Our song is different from the others”

Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других» The pupils of the Academy of popular music of Igor Krutoy included in the project “Alive water”. They said “StarHit” how to cope with anxiety, what do you do in your free time, and shared the challenges they had to face. These girls will represent the country at the international music competition.

      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»

      Very soon will be the children’s “Eurovision”, where our country will represent the project “Alive water”, which included 14-year-old Sophia Fisenko, sisters Christina and Madonna Abramova and Alexander Abrameytsev. The competition remains very little time, so the girls are literally lost in rehearsals, and I have so much to do. Schedule is tight so that the singer did not have time to buy Souvenirs and enjoy all the pleasures of a city, Valletta. But in the break between the regular run and an official event of the contest, the young and talented singer found a few spare minutes to share with “StarHit” the emotions.

      How to cope with anxiety?
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»Before going on stage, I gather myself and adjust myself that everything will be fine!
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»And I imagine that they are rehearsing in the hall where no one. The main thing – to relax and to do everything the way at the rehearsal.
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»For me the main thing that I made so that then it was nice to look at myself and know that I did absolutely everything and can be proud of yourself. It is important that a room still like the audience and all those who support me now.

      Came up with his own images?
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»I have the image originally was. Since my childhood I was engaged in folk singing, so I have a way, most likely, lyrical, even magical like this. After all the songs I sing, they are emotional, so in its own way magical.—
      What does your title “Living water”?
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»So it was originally called our song, which was written by Rita Dakota, and I co-authored. Song about us, the children. First of all, about their soul, which will eventually grow up and become teenagers, this is a difficult period, there are a lot of different experiences, new feelings that appear when you get older.—
      How do you get along with each other, help each other?
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»We are close friends, always together! I talk a lot with participants from different countries meet. And we each have something that the others don’t. Impossible to list because there are many such qualities. We complement each other, we are a team!—
      What are the difficulties faced during the working process?
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»The difficulties we had, because we are a very close-knit and cohesive! Quickly grasp what we say, movement, remember that you need to change, and how to carry yourself properly.

      You distribute the duties among themselves?
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»We each have our duty, but the main thing is to do everything as well as possible, to show what we are capable of and what we learned.—
      How do you spend your free time?
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»Every day we have rehearsal for a few hours, in my free time I try to chat and meet guys from other countries and take girls out in Malta, watching the city and its attractions.
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»The first day we walked around the city, spent time together. Then a lot of acquaintances, found new friends and communicated.

      All support each other?
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»We’re all good. We are an unusual team. Our song – it’s magical and different from others. I would even say very mystical, and it is close to us in the shower.—
      What is the magic?
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»First, music second, the musical decorations that we came up with songwriter Rita Dakota. We song feel the soul. This is its magic and uniqueness. We try all of these feelings to tell the whole meaning clear.—
      Anyone have any lucky charms?
      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»After the speech, in Artek, after winning one woman made me a very beautiful doll, with which we similar in appearance: the toy the same long hair, same dress, even shoes these are my incarnation. It helps me, I now consider it my mascot, her name is the same.

      Участницы детского «Евровидения»: «Наша песня отличается от других»My mascot are the things that gave me friends or fans. They write to me and say the words of support, so a real mascot no, I help those feelings, emotions that give relatives and friends.
      I think our mascot is a doll krupnick that you’ve done for us. She is our mascot. Doll at rehearsals is not present, is stored in a safe place, because within it our wishes and if something happens, then it would not be very good.