Participants of group “Factory” will become the teachers

Участницы группы «Фабрика» станут учителями The singer will be reading texts in “Total dictation”. Artist very responsible approach to their duties. The soloist of group “Factory” remembered my school years and told how she was nervous before the examination, despite the fact that I studied on “excellent”.

      Участницы группы «Фабрика» станут учителями

      Many celebrities enthusiastically recall the school years. For some, this time is associated with first love, friendship, development of character. Today for anyone wanting a unique opportunity to be back at the Desk and to freshen in memory the school years. Moreover, everyone will be able to check how successfully anchored in the mind the knowledge acquired in childhood. Across Russia today will be the “Total dictation”.

      Popular group “Factory” decided not to stay in the side events. Only they will act as teachers, that is, to read out the text of the dictation.

      A charming girl, Sasha Saveleva Sasha Popova and Irina Toneva, responsible attitude to this role. Before they remembered their school years, and what feelings they have caused it as dictation.

      “I always studied on “four” and “five”, loved Russian language and literature. I can say that I have an innate literacy, I taught the rules – always instinctively knew how to spell a particular word and any punctuation mark should be put,” said Sasha Savelieva.

      I wonder what the other girls of the group, despite good grades in school, but still had control.

      “Russian language given to me easily, but mistakes, although rare, I admit. Teacher of the Russian language we were worthy of admiration. But from the word “dictation” my excitement began to shake all thoracic and pulmonary hamstring. And his hand trembled throughout the process of dictation!” – shared memories of Irina Toneva.

      And Sasha said that he considered the text to write under the dictation of the most difficult tests of knowledge. She was always worried because, despite perfect spelling, can sometimes allow punctuation errors. However, Sasha has always received high marks.

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