Participants Emporio Music Fest dedicated a song to Prince

Участники Emporio Music Fest посвятили песню Принсу
In Moscow took place the 3rd day of the contest the contest is a multi-format music.

Участники Emporio Music Fest посвятили песню Принсу


Competition day 3 of competition multiformat music EmporioMusicFest-3 was devoted to the well-known and beloved hits of the composer and executor Victor Reznikova. The founder of the festival baygali Serkebaev instructed participants to perform one of the songs of this popular songwriter.

Nikita leavin performed the song “Recognition”, dedicating it to Victor, Alina M & Body Waves danced, but sang “I can’t dance”, and singer Leyla sang the famous song Larisa Dolina “Half”. Countryman Viktor Reznikov St. Petersburg – Sayid Ibragimov, presented the jury with the song “the Night away!”, female performance which the jury appreciated from the first chords.

Участники Emporio Music Fest посвятили песню Принсу

Igor Saruhanov Tatiana Shamanina, Baigali Serkebayev and Vanya Chebanov

Photo: courtesy of organizers

Jury member Vanya Chebanov — participant of TV projects “Voice”, “Five stars”, the festival “Slavic Bazaar”, took the stage this evening to support the contestants, because he was in the same party and was also worried on the stage EmporioMusicFest. Ivan performed his new lyrical song “the Labyrinths of heaven”, which the audience started to sing along from the beginning. “3 years ago when I arrived in Moscow, there was not such place where you can come fashionable, advanced, greedy for good music of youth, — says Ivan Shepherds. And I am glad that there was such a place, where always friends, musicians and fashionable Metropolitan audiences, versed in music and style”.

Moscow, the Starlite group and its charismatic soloist Vsevolod Bylewski, reminiscent of a young Freddie mercury, his energy and cheerful dance songs that got us dancing the whole room, including the presenter of the evening max Orlov, who came, as always, good music by Mark Evich and Moscow fashion stylist Alexandra Butenina.

At the end of the concert the group Starlite song-Viktor Reznikov Don’t Stop Now all musicians, no longer existing, and including the famous singer Prince. On the death of the legend of R’n’b became known, when the 3rd round of the competition was in full swing. All participants and members of the jury were shocked. And paid tribute to the Prince song.

And the absolute favorite and the winner of the 3 days of competition was an 18-year-old said Ibragimov.


Photo: courtesy of organizers

“You have to say — it is an absolute nugget on the Russian scene whose energy and talent to conquer at once, — says Baigali the Serkebaev. — This is something new, something original, we’re looking for with colleagues at EmporioMusicFest and he is the player that opens new prospects and new horizons in our show business”.

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