Participant of “Ural dumplings” is rapidly lost weight

Участница «Уральских пельменей» стремительно сбросила вес For the second pregnancy Ilana St. George gained twenty pounds. A few weeks of strict dieting the mother of two children lost weight and had changed beyond recognition. Their success woman shared with fans and journalists.

Ilana St. George for many years playing in KVN, the star of “Ural dumplings” happy wife and mother of two children. The Joker never gives up, and easily dropped twenty pounds after childbirth. Changed beyond recognition, Ilana shared the secret slender figure.

“After giving birth I had all the signs of depression on a background of dissatisfaction. The fact is that during pregnancy with no restrictions, I ate everything heart desires: bread, cookies, and chocolate. Feel calm and peaceful. When he came to the restaurant, said: “I hurry up the bread basket and maslichko,” – said the Joker.

The husband of the actress supported her, however, according to St George, she was very worried and felt ugly, despite all attempts by her husband to dissuade her. In the first month of Ilana couldn’t play sports, help the Joker turned to the masseurs.

“Of course, not without revising your diet, and here I can confidently say that the best diet after delivery – a diet feeding mum! Had to be hard on yourself, but just happened to quickly return to the desired shape. Eat so that the baby had no colic. Refused the fruit, he ate vegetables, fish and chicken, steamed. In General, a fairly strict diet. But the most difficult was to give up coffee. Drank only tea,” said the woman.

According to Ilana, any diet is a temporary measure, with severe restrictions, after its completion emaciated rapidly re-heal. “And out here is the only one to always eat healthy. Now I eat five times a day in small portions and not snack on the run. Refused sugar, replacing it with honey – the good, firm husband produces as many as 13 varieties of this useful product, and I have plenty to choose from. Carefully watch the amount of salt in food: in our family, especially insufficient salting meals. In the evening we will have dinner, but choose light food”, – said Yuriev.

“Taboos imposed on all flour, sweet and salty. Next weekend be sure to go to the bath: it gives a simply stunning effect! A steam room helps not only fix the result, but also to remove excess liquid and to remove up to 2 kg of weight. A nice bonus is the Shine in the eyes, rosy cheeks and good skin and hair”, – said Yuriev.

The actress brought a perfect form of fasting days, in a short time to get in shape. She only eats protein foods, without adding salt.

“Breakfast of two boiled eggs, lunch – chicken breast, afternoon snack – cottage cheese dinner – low-fat yogurt. Also you can eat cucumbers and tomatoes. In any case do not use spices, sauces, salt it retains water in the body. Thus, you derive from the body excess fluid” – shared Ilana.

After unloading, according to the artist, you can’t gang up on carbohydrate food and necessary protein to add to set 1-2 additional product, in any case not to overeat.

Ilana in an interview with “wday” added that before going to the bath, it is important to consult with a competent bather and strictly follow all of the recommendations. “And then you will likely want to have, but you need to keep yourself in the hands of: the maximum that you can afford, salad and herbal teas,” said St. George.

Also the star of KVN uncovered the secret drink slimming – hot water, grated ginger and lemon. “As a result, you will not only get useful and delicious tool that will boost metabolism and support your immune system!” summed up Ilana.