Participant of “the Voice” Tatiana Shamanina: “When you leave your child, broken heart”

Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце» The singer told “StarHit” about their ambitions, dreams and family life. Tatiana Shamanina came to “the Voice” with the aim to win and to test yourself, because, in its view, any competition is stress.

      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»

      The soloist of the band Guru Groove Foundation and member of the new season of the show “the Voice” Tatiana Shamanina impressed not only the jury but also the audience. Glamorous girl with bright red hair played the remake for the song Eva Pol’na. In social networks on the singer collapsed as a storm of criticism and praise. Tatiana said “StarHit”, why did you decide to go to the team of Polina Gagarina and also shared details of family life with a colleague in the team Yegor by Shamanism.

      Your fans were happy to see you in the show “the Voice.” How do you rate your performance at the auditions? Glad you joined the team Polina Gagarina?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»I feel that I did the best that could be done in the framework of the contest. I don’t think his speech is perfect. But if the person is not a fighter, he’s got nothing to do on stage. We Packed up and began punching all of his charisma and professionalism. I liked that I got to Polina Gagarina. I wanted to Polina to go, since I have a lot in common, she was close to me in spirit, not only as a person but as a musician. I have know her, appreciate her taste, so I am very pleased to be and do with my friend in music and in life. Neither Leps Nor Agutin I choose, because Pauline is closer to me in their musical preferences. When you talk to the person on one musical language, it is easier to create together a product. —
      Isn’t it strange to see among the mentors of the people with whom you have previously had a lot of fun at various events?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»This imposes a double responsibility, because I’m not human, “the street”, I will have high requirements. Harder it will be.—
      You work in groups, Guru Groove Foundation. As your colleagues on the staff reacted to the fact that you went on “the Voice”? Could it interfere with your live activity and working with children?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»I was supported by colleagues when I went on “the Voice.” We love each other, respect there are no obstacles to do something in addition to Guru Groove Foundation. I sing well in English, but I wanted to show that in Russian know how. I feel this music. They help me in creating the arrangements, the recording. We are all together, despite the fact that I’m standing on the stage as Tatiana Shamanina.

      Who do you consider as the main competitors in this season of “the Voice”?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»We are all so different that each has its own niches are occupied. However, the competition is an unpredictable thing. Never know how to react to the audience how you perceive the performance of teachers, your colleagues. Everyone can be a rival, who is professionally engaged in music. So it turns out that a lot this season strong, cool singers, and everyone can be a contender.

      How come that with you on the blind auditions went Yana Churikova? Have you been talking to? How she supported you?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»We’re buddies. She supports me, inspires. For seven years, Yana Churikova is a fan of Guru Groove Foundation. This year, we personally met on the project “Casa Musica”, where I was on the jury. I love this woman, because she was my channel when I was just beginning my career. Creative people who are doing a similar thing, there is always something to talk about and make friends for ages. She went to support me. —
      We know that in 2007 you went with a group SEREBRO at Eurovision. Remember that experience? How did this happen?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»It was bizarre, disturbing, in fact it was my first thousandth, millionth site. When you feel the weight of responsibility, and you should not disappoint. When the girls from SEREBRO stood first time on stage, and we have already had singing experience, Maxim Fadeev offered us to support the soloists of the band. It was a great experience. When you trust a producer and releases you on stage, it’s worth it. —
      Continue to communicate with Maxim Fadeev or the girls from the group SEREBRO? Follow the success of each other? Happy?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»Yes, of course, is not only professional friendship, in life we have a great dialogue. You see, I have nothing to share with these people, nothing to envy, we are doing their work honestly and do, so a relationship as honest. I know that max remembers about me, follow my work. With Helen Temnikova we meet at concerts, with Marina in her galleries. They gave me a lot, that is trust, faith in professionalism. I know what makes Olga, Lena, watching the work Fadeeva. Maxim is one of the few people who feels the heart that is interesting to people and does it very efficiently. I’m learning from this pragmatism and professionalism.
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»
      Do you solo on such a prestigious contest as “Eurovision”? Did you follow the speech of Sergey Lazarev in this year?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»Of course. I have a healthy ambition. When you get a chance, I would have grabbed it with all hands and feet. It is a challenge to myself, this is way out of my comfort zone, and for a musician it is very important. Eurovision is my dream. This year we have the whole Guru Groove Foundation I watched the competition and cheered for Sting. Many participants of “Eurovision” won my heart. Serge well done, Eurovision – chopper, of course, but to emerge with dignity from this situation – it’s cool!—
      What brought you into the world of music, because you studied to be an historian? In any role you would like to try? We heard you like movies, maybe you would like to be in the movie.
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»I was three years old was singing on the stage in the garden, and then I danced professionally. It must be fate. Dad said if you get higher education, not associated with the music, and find some good, decent profession, then you can continue to do what I want. I served my dad, I trained as a historian with knowledge of English language that helped me a lot in his future career, and then began to do what I want, and my parents have supported me in this. Yes, I am interested in cinema, directing and clipmakers. I even imagine what must be a picture, a story, it should be removed, so all that attracts me, but this thing to go. In the near future I will go to courses to develop these abilities. I know I can, I know I like it.
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»
      How do you work with your spouse Egor by Shamanism in one team?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»We have a real “Italian family”. All around know that we are people-volcanoes. We can strongly quarrel, and then reconcile. We have an understanding of who we are to each other in the family, and who we are to each other at work. It’s complicated. I always have something to talk about with him. I would not have stayed with him, married 12 years, if I don’t like it. —
      Who is your child when you’re both on tour?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»I have two grandmothers who help in everything and always. They are my solid rear. For me the greatest happiness that my little girl Siyana always with family, close friends, and not feeling very much lonely when mom isn’t around. Of course, nobody will replace, she cries when I leave. We try to do so, to always be in touch through Skype, Internet. But it’s a two year old child, she doesn’t explain that mommy will be back soon. She lives in the here and now. So my heart bleeds when you leave. I try a spare minute to give only to her. I had my child, knowing what my profession is, but I try to not feel lonely. Always at home playing my music, when I was there, she hears my voice. If she is interested, grandma puts the clips. So mom always invisibly present.

      There was a feeling that after Friday’s broadcast you woke up famous? What is happening with your social networks? Not bursting?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»On the first day when I went outside with her baby on Saturday, I was really scared around me gathered all the nurse, who wanted me to touch and feel. I was approached by women passing by, and recognized me: “And this is the same girl that was in the “Voice”. Ran out of the house and the neighbor yells: “I saw you from the balcony. Daughter, look, it’s her!” I felt immediately that this First channel and the Friday broadcast. It works lightning fast. Reaction to the speech is ambiguous. We took a chance, made a remake for the song “Guests from the future”. The audience was divided: 60% understand what we did, and 40% not. When talking about you well, you can drown. —
      Earlier you said that in case of victory in the project will shave my head. Why do you need it? Managed to discuss with my husband these conditions?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»It was said in a fit of passion and fire. But if I win, I will shave. I’ve always wanted to do it. At first I wanted to shave one cool Hindu temple, where you bring your own hair as a sacrifice. And this God gives you the opportunity to fulfill the dream. Husband didn’t mind. He always says: “you Do anything, if only you were happy.” He needs just a happy girl next.
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»
      What is the most crazy thing in your life you have made?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»I “scored” all came from Nizhnevartovsk to Moscow to study. I had no money, no friends, no apartment. I went to a free branch of the commercial prestige of the University. For me it’s a crazy thing to do, as I’m a big coward, besides, daddy’s girl. I did things under his control. And then when opened the opportunity to go to Moscow and to test myself, I risked everything. —
      You immediately realize that Moscow is your city?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»At age 15 when I first came to Moscow in a major international competition, the teacher took us on a tour of the Red square. I went to Okhotny Ryad, and saw the Kremlin. I have a video, which was filmed by the teacher. I turn to the Kremlin and in the hearts shouting: “I will live here”. Two years later I moved to Moscow.—
      And even some wishes come true?
      Участница «Голоса» Татьяна Шаманина: «Когда оставляю ребенка, разрывается сердце»I’m 13 years old, I cleaned the room, there was a clip of Linda Maxim Fadeev. Think: “if I could sit beside him, hold his hand so he told me, as I sing”. After 10 years, I was sitting in the office with Maxim Fadeev, and he told me that I’m a singer, and that he will support me. Dreams come true, definitely! I really wanted to get to the “New wave” – I was. Move all your desires. It is important to clearly formulate them.—
      You have had to deal with negativity in your address? How you perceive the audience in the Network? In particular, the audience of “the Voice”.
      I try not to read comments which are written about me. Those people who do not like me will not be with me, so I don’t want to prove anything to them. Haters are uneducated people with no incentive in life. They release their unfulfilled desires in the form of mud. After “the Voice” went bad comments about my physique, my sound. Most people talked about the arrangement and that we supposedly ruined the song Eva Pol’na. Someone called me singing bad girl. But it becomes very funny: I feel sorry for these people because they have no opportunity to touch the beautiful. Lose weight woman can always. I had some difficulties after child birth, so I couldn’t get in shape. We respect those who wish us well, and don’t pay attention to those who are talking nonsense.