Participant of “the Voice” Oksana Voytovich traded yesterday at city

Участница «Голоса» Оксана Войтович променяла Агутина на Градского The singer told us why he chose Alexander Borisovich. Oxana Voitovich told, what emotions did you experience during the performance of songs of Alla Pugacheva. The actress was afraid that none of the celebrity judges will not accept her on the team.
Участница «Голоса» Оксана Войтович променяла Агутина на ГрадскогоOn the first of September kicked off the sixth season of the show “the Voice.” At this time, the chair of the jury took the “gold” composition: Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin, Pelageya and Dima Bilan. Today we saw another selection of participants. Oxana Voitovich, past the “blind auditions” told “StarHit” why chose the team of Alexander Gradsky. “To be honest, when I was on stage I felt the heat of passion,” said wojtowicz.

The singer said the “StarHit” what the passions are felt even before the show. According to the artist, on the show “the Voice” her for the first time managed to give everything a hundred percent. On stage to Oksana for a long time did not turn none of the members of the jury, at some point the girl came despair.

“And here, in the last 15 seconds turned to Alexander and followed immediately by Leonid Nikolayevich Agutin. Gradsky said that never in this project I have not heard that singing exactly the song Pugacheva: “I do dream about You”. He praised my performance of the song, so my choice naturally fell on him,” – said wojtowicz.

Alexander Gradsky said that the party paid special attention not only to the high notes, but passing, low and transitional. According to Oksana, close and native people are used to her regular participation in vocal competitions. A singer since childhood has always supported mom. “All her life she went with me in vocal competitions until I was a little more”, – said the participant of the show.

In ordinary life, Oksana has been working at karaoke and could recall many interesting stories.

“Once there was a funny incident. Came to us a woman of about 60 years, kind of modest, but we have arranged the whole representation. First sang the song Irina Allegrova “the Empress”, with the choreography right on the dance floor. Then played the song Taisia Povaliy “Borrowed”. All who were in the hall applauded her. Gave a solo concert”, – said the participant of the show.

Oksana said: this season of “the Voice” performers are very strong. She tries not to imagine that it is a competition where the participant can leave at any time. “I just want to make beautiful, to make high-quality rooms, to please the audience. I have such task – to show my best side”, – summed up Oksana Voytovich.