Participant of “the Voice,” David Todua destroyed his career wife

Участник «Голоса» Давид Тодуа разрушил карьеру жены The singer has shared with “StarHit” how I met my wife and why for him the girl left the band. The artist also told how to cope with excitement before the show and revealed details about the health problems.
Участник «Голоса» Давид Тодуа разрушил карьеру жены

Participant of the show “the Voice” David Todua said “StarHit” how he met his wife and why for his sake she left the band. Singer also revealed that helps him cope with the excitement before the show and revealed details about the eye problems.

Участник «Голоса» Давид Тодуа разрушил карьеру жены“Unfortunately, problems with vision as they were, and still are. I have a detached retina. Operations for more than twenty. Now the treatment is good, even some improvement. However, limitations are also present – I’m not allowed physical activity. My eye need rest and constant monitoring inside of eye pressure,” said David.

Todua said that he was helping faith in God and in himself. “I am an Orthodox man, with a deep conviction that there is a God in this world, so, of course, go to Church and pray,” said the musician.

The singer said that he supports the family in all initiatives and creative ideas.

“My wife is my rock. Does everything from the cooking to the “blind auditions” and rehearsals to monitoring of some important points. She teaches voice and understands what is at stake,” said Todua.

The musician said the “StarHit” as met his future wife. David met islandica four years ago. The girl worked in the team who produced Todua. “He met and took her away from the group. We often gather our friends and loved ones at home – cover for their table. Love to please: say nice words, we buy things and gifts”, – said David.

Singer interested in politics and history and reads a lot. “This is my second “I”. Although most of the time in our family, of course, is creativity. His wife also sings and draws well”, – said the musician. Todua has long been familiar with the show “the Voice” and personally knows the winner of the previous season. With Daria Antonyuk singer maintains friendly relations. As admitted Todua, they met when she was a child. Even then, the singer worked with her. Now the musician and the singer are often in contact, write to, call, Dasha genuinely root for David in the contest. The artist told of their fears before going to the jury on “the Voice.”

“I’ll be honest: the most difficult challenge on the project was the feeling of the exam. Never loved, though always very well attended. There comes some anxiety that must be fought and overcome,” summed up David Todua.