Participant of “the Voice” Catherine Stark denies patronage Gagarina

Участница «Голоса» Екатерина Ковская отрицает покровительство Гагариной Aspiring singer from Saint Petersburg, Catherine Stark was familiar with his mentor before the project. The girl was writing songs for Gagarina. Stark assured reporters that her meeting with Pauline on the program was an accident and she had herself.

      Singer and composer Catherine Stark – one of the participants of the program “the Voice” of the First channel. Mentor vocalist, the last two stages of the competition, was Polina Gagarina. Soulful singing is an aspiring singer brought the famous singer to tears. Sentimentality Gagarin first pressed the red button during the performance Kowski. After that, the celebrity did not hide the fact that you are already familiar with the girl. The fact that Catherine was writing songs for Polina. In August of this year, Gagarin has shared new song “Dance with me”, the lyrics for which was written Stark.

      Due to the fact that Gagarin and Stark collaborated to “Voices”, many fans thought that Catherine got him not just. A strong argument in favor of his release, they called the fact that Pauline became a mentor Kowski. Recently, a contestant gave an interview in which he explained why it is far from the truth, and told how he met star.

      Stark admitted to reporters that he collaborated with Tina Kuznetsova, a finalist of the second season of “the Voice”. This was her meeting with Gagarin. In recognition of Catherine, she worked freelance with a star. She was not aware that the girl is going to participate in the program of the First channel. Itself Stark also didn’t know that the artist will be in the jury.

      “Tina Kuznetsova for introducing me to Pauline. We worked remotely. When I came to the casting, and she was not aware of my plans, the jury was not determined. So no conspiracy could not be. I don’t think that Polina has turned to be, because we work together. It is quite a professional person to share such things. I wrote a song – Polina liked her, she sang it. But I wanted to first of all turned the audience. Because I work for them,” Stark told reporters.

      According to Catherine, she built her career in Moscow from scratch. A native of St. Petersburg arrived in the capital from 850 rubles in his pocket. Next, Stark began to build their life. First, the house, and then friends and family. She often wanted to give up and give up, but at the last moment realized that it is impossible to relax. Competition among aspiring singers, he told Catherine, is very high. At the same time a constant struggle for a place under the sun was for a young singer fertile ground for development, told the Stark edition of “TV guide”.