Participant of “the Voice” Anna Prosekin told about the relationship with Dima Bilan

Участница «Голоса» Анна Просекина рассказала о связи с Димой Биланом The singer admitted that he is in awe of mentor. According to Anna Prosekina, Dmitry was very responsive and open person. The artist tries to give each mentee and to share experiences.
Участница «Голоса» Анна Просекина рассказала о связи с Димой Биланом

Fans of the main vocal show of the country – “the Voice” – every Friday comes the exciting moment. On this day the fans became known, one of the contestants leaves the project. However, loyal fans and colleagues are trying our best to support the retired performers. Participant of TV show Anna Prosekin admitted to “StarHit” I never expected such a warm relationship within the team.

“I’m sure that in the entire history of “the Voice” this composition is gathered only from us. We are very good friends and spend a lot of time together. Often going, to walk, to go on a quest or to see the broadcast to all staff. I think, if not for the constant shooting, and Dima Bilan would gladly have joined us. He is one of those people who are always open to conversation and glad to have you. He lit this thing and constantly thinks about his players. Once he’s at three in the morning I called one of them and said, “I’ve got a bomb!” – Anya says.
Участница «Голоса» Анна Просекина рассказала о связи с Димой Биланом

In recognition Prosekina, the celebrity also paid attention to her. During a break between filming Dmitry approached the singer to find out her impressions of participation in the project and to discuss the latest news. She noted that he was delighted with the simple and human interaction with the star.

“Bilan discussed it, I told him how I was doing, how’s the guys from the team. We exchanged emotions and thoughts on some issues. After the shooting he saw me in the hallway and came again to know my opinion about them. Our whole team is happy to work with such a professional,” said “StarHit” singer.

But Procino support not only new friends – along with it is almost always her boyfriend – Alex. The actress admitted that working with her lover in the same group for several years. However, as a couple they exist less than about six months.

“He is the second vocalist in our team. We have long been friends, and after moving to Moscow I realized that between us something there. I was very lucky with Alex – he’s clever. If we quarreled, it does not affect the work in the group and Vice versa. Don’t know, worried if to show me someone more than him. By the way, recently I’ve drowned a phone and came home late, and he didn’t even swear – ordered me a new one”, – confessed Anna.