Participant of “the Voice” Andrey Davidyan died

Участник «Голоса» Андрей Давидян скоропостижно скончался A musician a few days ago was in the hospital with a stroke. Death sixty Andrey Davidian confirmed his girlfriend Victoria Kolos. The star of the show “the Voice” a few days ago, felt fine and planned to go on stage on November 11.

      Участник «Голоса» Андрей Давидян скоропостижно скончался

      Musician Andrei Davidyan, who is remembered by millions of television viewers with his inimitable jazz rooms in the project of the First channel “Voice”, died in a Moscow clinic after an ischemic stroke and coma.

      On the death of 60-year-old showman Andrey Davidian on his page in Facebook said the girlfriend of a jazz musician Victoria the ear. “Sleep well, my boy,” wrote grief-stricken young woman, placing the joint with a beloved photo. Under the post immediately appeared dozens of comments with words of condolence and sorrow to the address of the relatives of the deceased musician.

      Участник «Голоса» Андрей Давидян скоропостижно скончался“Vic, we are with you!”, “Vic, hold on!”, “I’m sorry”, “There can be words. Tragic news. Please accept my condolences, Victoria, loved ones and friends of Andrew,” trying to find words of comfort and support friends Victoria the ear.

      Care of life full of energy and creative ideas of the musician was a shock to all his fans. A few days ago Andrey Davidyan felt fine and planned performances on concert stages of Moscow. Scheduled for November 11th concert of the star of the show “the Voice” was moved by its organizers in December, but as it is now clear that the event is canceled.

      Recall the disturbing news about the state of Andrew Davidian appeared on the news late on Saturday evening. The star of “the Voice” Andrey Davidyan in a coma

      In their microblogs similar talented artist leave posts with requests to pray for Andrei’s health. But the miracle did not happen. The heart star of the show “the Voice” permanently stopped.

      Andrey Davidyan was born 30 Jan 1956 in Moscow in a musical family. His mother is a famous pianist, his father – tenor Sergei Davidyan.

      Andrew became interested in music already at the age of three, the school played masterfully popular foreign hits. In 1972 he became a soloist of the legendary rock group “Leap summer”, members of which, besides him, was Chris kelmi, Alexander Sitkovetsky, Yuri Titov and Igor Bulat Okudzhava.

      In 1993 Andrey Davidyan created his own project “Sound Cake”, performing funk, jazz-rock and soul. The group still exists and has its loyal fans. In the fall of 2013 Andrey Davidyan has become one of the brightest and most visible participants of the second season of “the Voice” on channel one.