Participant of “the Voice” Alex Kuznetsov confessed to “the fall”

Участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова созналась в «грехопадении» The singer told about what made her to go to Moscow. Shura Kuznetsova left St. Petersburg and arrived to conquer the capital. Ex-member of the Highest League of KVN explained that this trip changed her life.

      Ex-member of the Highest League of KVN Shura Kuznetsova wins this season “the Voice”. A native of St. Petersburg previously played in the ska “Faculty of journalism”. According to Kuznetsova, it was the guys from the Club Cheerful and Resourceful has helped her believe in herself.

      “The project I was supported by ex-member of the team “Las Vegas” Masha Brit that we met when I played in the Premier League. She came to my concert when I was already doing music and said he wanted to have my music heard by millions – began to help me in everything. Masha is now my concert Director and a great friend. If not for her, I would never have dared to go to the Russian tour, to do concerts in the two capitals for 1500 people and go on “the Voice.” It gives me faith,” said Shura.

      However, the most desperate act in her life and “fall” part in music competition considers moving to Moscow.

      “I was happy to commit this “sin” because, after moving to Moscow, I found the most important thing for any person: a real family. I married the most bright and brilliant musician Nikola Melnikov. Any girl in my place not only in Moscow would have moved, but I think hell would go for this guy,” – said Kuznetsov.

      Shura Kuznetsova and Nikola Melnikov said in September the year of marriage. “My love for you every day becomes warmer and increases, turning and twisting in a huge blue ball, which envelops and protects us! We can take him all whom we love! And few lives is not enough to love you the way you deserve my genius!” – the words of the devoted girl to her husband on the anniversary.

      Recall that on the show “the Voice” Shura Kuznetsova went to the team of Leonid Agutin. The participant admitted that since childhood he loves the creativity of this artist. “Brilliant music” – the so-called Shura his mentor, talking to reporters In the blind auditions the girl sang the song “Shut up and hold me tight”.