Participant of the show “the Voice” Sardor Milano forced to justify himself before his fellow-countrymen

Участник шоу «Голос» Сардор Милано вынужден оправдываться перед земляками The singer responded to the criticism on social networks. Sardor Milano explained to Internet users, why is he in the project profile listed his hometown – Moscow. The artist came from Tashkent to the Russian capital many years ago.

      Participant of the show “the Voice” Sardor Milano struck his vocals all the mentors of the project. The singer tried to get to the project four times. The young man has a vocal range of three and a half octaves, which is rare. A young man came to the team of Dima Bilan. In the artist’s profile on the official website of the TV program indicated that he was from Moscow. In fact, however, the young man was born in Tashkent. Angry social media users accused the actor that he is wrong to its roots.

      The winner of the “Main stage” fighting for the victory in “the Voice”

      “I’m sad that the review more questions about geography than about the performance. As you know, before the performance each participant leaves the profile in which each artist tells about himself. My profile is not shown in the ether, but in it I talked about their roots, about the city where I was born. I am a creative person and always speak what I feel. I never hid my roots and talked about his love and pride for his homeland,” explained Milano on his page in the social network.

      “Very pleased with the performance of Sardor, regardless of which country he was representing”, “the Fact that you are there – this is for you, even for our pride”, “I absolutely did not care what the city said Sardor, I mind know that he is our Tashkent guy,” “Sardor, do not worry and, most importantly, pay no attention, please, for those who are outraged in a vacuum. People can say anything,” the left words of admiration and support for followers “Instagram” artist.

      Sardor Milano graduated from the Gnesin music school in the class of pop-jazz vocals. The singer graduated from the Academy with honors, thus fulfilling the dream of his grandmother. Young people participated in the TV show “Main stage”, which he won. After the triumph he went to the USA, where he met with producer Bakstreet Boys.

      “I was born in Tashkent, at the age of 12 moved to Alma-ATA and then to Moscow”, – said Sardor. According to the artist, he is grateful to his family for what they tried to support him. As admitted Milano, he even had to sing during adolescence, as could not get used to the changes of his voice. However, he then returned to solo work.