Participant of the show “the Voice” Michael Zhitov: “we All need love”

Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви» The young man told about the relationship with the mentor Polina Gagarina. Mike Zhitov dreamed since childhood to meet the singer. According to the budding artist, from an early age wanted to perform on stage.

      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»

      Participant of the show “the Voice” Michael Zhitov with the first esters have attracted the attention of the viewers. The young man successfully passed the contest “Fights” left in the project. In an interview with “StarHit” the 25-year-old singer told how he worked with Polina Gagarina, where he likes to live the most and who helps him pick out clothes.

      Mike, you said your mom like the show “the Voice.” She sent you on a project? Or you decided to go?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»Yes, “the Voice” is a favorite show of my mother. To participate in the project was my independent decision, and the parents and my friends, including the group, have supported me.—
      Why do you need this project? After you sing in a group Vougal, which gives concerts and even released a debut album?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»Yes, we’re comfortable with a lot of gigs, go on tours, participate in music festivals on some platforms and with our world-famous celebrities, but now “the Voice” – the main stage of our overall development. Of course “the First channel” and this show give an opportunity to be heard all over the country.
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»
      What a performance on “the Voice” was the worst? In the blind auditions or Elena Ekimova?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»Of course, the “Fights”. I think the worst stage was not and never will have anything. I am extremely upset that she left the project so early. She could open up and much to show. For the time that we spent on rehearsals, we became close friends. And she’s just explained to me the philosophy of his life. I really got into. —
      What are your impressions of working with Polina Gagarina? Is she a mentor?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»From early childhood all of my music teachers were to me very demanding. When off camera, Polina is getting strict and honest, which is very important for the performer, so I like to be in her team.—
      What are you most afraid to face?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»Any performer before the big moment, unsure. First, I was afraid to come to the first rehearsal and realize that I’m not ready to the whole project as an artist that the scale of the show more myself, but psychologically it will be difficult for me. But all the fears were not justified: the project has pleasant and professional people who can say the right words to support, so filming is always good, and even a family atmosphere. I also got really lucky with the team – she’s very friendly.—
      Maybe it was something you warned friends and acquaintances?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»My friends were more confident about what I successfully pass the “Blind auditions”. And after “Fights” you guys only ask me not a bit to relax and have a good practice piece that I will sing in the “Knockouts”.

      As you prepare for ethers? Do you have disputes with coaches when you are working on a song? If Gagarin listens to your opinion, if you don’t like something?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»Pauline demanding and strict, and more strict. I’m trying to perform her job, very attentive to her remarks. She is a professional, kind person and a very long time in the industry, so I trust her completely.
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»
      Maybe someone of the mentors tried to entice you in their team? You kind of liked Dima Bilan. Did Leps and Simon some advice?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»All of the mentors called me to his team, but I acted emotionally and chose Polina Gagarina. When she turned to me, I immediately remembered how as a child watched “American idol” and rooting for her with all my heart. Leonid Agutin, Filipp Kirkorov and Dima Bilan treated me very friendly, for which I am very grateful. They are professionals of the highest class and every day that I am on the filming, the rehearsals, I am constantly trying to absorb all the information, music, be inspired, gain experience.—
      Your team Vougal composes music in the style of 80-90’s. do You think that it is interesting the youth of today? Or the group focuses on the older generation?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»We make music that we like and that feel good for people of any age. In the 80-ies and 90-ies were a lot of interesting musical ideas. And for several years all over the world felt a wave of apprehension of experience. Our first album was rather eclectic: a mixture of ideas from different decades. We completely surrendered to the creative impulse, mixed seemingly totally incompatible styles. And recently, we released a new single, “Sam Whisper,” it logically completes the concept of the first album. We are currently working on the second one that will be much stronger to reflect our view of modern pop music. Come to the concert on 11 November in club “16 Tons”.—
      Participation in the “Voice” hinders the creativity in the team or do you manage to combine?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»Filming and rehearsals the boys always accompany and support me, so the project we are stronger United.—
      Many have noted your excellent style. It’s a professional job or did you conveniently choose clothes?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»Thank you very much, I am very pleased. It all depends on the song and the overall message. On “the Voice” along with the stylist First channel we think of the concept of performance and appearance, share ideas, and then select a specific image. And then he either approves or does not approve of Polina Gagarina. Out of the project yet myself, but a lot of this I don’t think – how I feel, and dress up.

      Who you better find a common language with the girls or with guys? With whom I communicate on the Voice?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»I first met Louise Imangulova, we made it in one day “Blind auditions”. In General we have a very friendly team. At the meeting where we agreed on a song for a contest, I quickly made friends and found a common language with Ilya Tail. Long maintaining relationship with Julia Litos, Ronchi were at the concert, Sasha Gomel. she is beautiful. I regret that has not yet managed to meet with all the participants of the other teams.—
      You’ve been in different cities: at first lived in Arkhangelsk, studied in St. Petersburg, now moved to Moscow. Where like to live most? Energy of the city inspiring?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»Arkhangelsk was, is and will be my hometown, “places of power”, where I can always escape the hustle and bustle. Saint Petersburg is my student, there I found all their friends, made the first real steps in music career and met Misha and Slava. There began the main Chapter in my life called “Vougal”. Now I live in Moscow, I like the rhythm of this city, I like people, than the capital is breathing and how to live.—
      As at the moment you earn a living? Rent an apartment or live with friends?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»At the age of 17 I chose music to this day dedicate themselves only to her. I have enough money to rent an apartment in Moscow, and to feel good about themselves.—
      Remember, for which he received his first money and how they spent it?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»At 16 I got a job in a store, advise people what to watch and what to listen to. My first pay check bought a great for the time player. Now he was broken – sorry.
      How is your relationship with your family? They accepted the fact that you devoted yourself to the career of the artist? Maybe someone was against it?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»I was born in a family of scholars and I’m the only one who went into music. Parents took it positively, because I always believed in my musical talent. Although suggested to combine it with “International relations.”

      Who exactly brought you to music? At what age did you know you wanted to be an artist?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»The music school brought me grandma. Being on stage was for me a normal occupation. So I never had a doubt, what I want to do.—
      Were you able to get a taste of the glory? After the first broadcast was a boom in social networks? Called old friends?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»Boom is just beginning, most were out on the street. Calls and communication was really more, but to the glory, I think, is still very far away: you have to work.—
      How do you feel about fans? Communicate with them?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»I try to reply to everyone when I can. The message flow is very large, so it is not always possible to do.—
      You have had Affairs with groupies? All worried about whether you have a girlfriend?
      Участник шоу «Голос» Миша Житов: «Все мы нуждаемся в любви»I don’t feel like novels. Of course, we all need love is the main driving force of life. But true love “seeketh not her own”, which means that love can be in life even the lonely man. —
      Whom you consider as rivals in “the Voice”?
      I love each of your team and I will rejoice in the success of any. Of course, the spirit of competition is present, but personally I have manifested only in relation to other teams. I always want to be the team of Pauline was the most vivid and memorable.