Participant of the show “the Voice”, Alexander Ogorodnikov: “Pelageya will tell you if you sing badly”

Участник шоу «Голос» Александр Огородников: «Пелагея скажет, если ты спел плохо» The musician has shared the details of working with a mentor. According to Alexander, Pelagia objective in their assessments. In an interview with “StarHit” the actor said about the relationship with my girlfriend, family and work.

Today started a new phase in the show “the Voice” called “Knockouts”. The participant of the project Alexander Ogorodnikov performed the song “Snow”. This track was very personal for a guy. Admitted as a young man, he loves to present their compositions. For several years, the musician performed solo, as he had long been writing poetry and music.

Gardeners surpassed rival Philip Balzano. According to the artist, he got along great with the other participant in the project and he was sad when he left the project. Alexander believes that “the Voice” is a great platform to advertise themselves and creativity. Mentor musician Pelageya always tries to help with advice.

“She sets to work. When everyone gets nervous, gives a positive charge. But usually work at a distance, because we all have a busy touring schedule. Pelagia always honest: if you did bad, she will say so,” explained farmers.

According to Ogorodnikova, participation in the musical show makes him experience different emotions. At first he didn’t even tell friends what is going on the project.

“I wanted to surprise them. We live in different cities with his parents. It was nice. My family members have no relationship to the music. I was supported by my love. She’s a smart woman, so was not jealous,” said farmers.

Alexander admits that creative people find it hard to cope with them, so they need a girl who will understand and support the chosen one. According to the artist, you have to be honest, don’t say anything back. since in this case there is mistrust.

In his spare time gardeners prefer to travel. As the guy lives in Moscow about 10 years, every vacation he wants to spend at sea. Childhood musician was held in Kemerovo.

“Remember how I floated with my dad on the river in the Altai. Dad taught me to be adequate, we all communicate and understand each other,” said Alexander.

Farmers joked that there was one moment when he decided to leave the family. At the age of five he collected all his belongings and wanted to leave home. “But not reached for the door handle, I guess,” laughs Alexander.

According to him, the separation from his son was given to parents is not easy. At first he felt a kind of freedom, understood that the beginning of adult life. “For me, moving to Moscow came as a shock,” explained the artist in an interview with “StarHit”.

At the moment farmers teaches voice and develops his own solo career. Alexander wants to record the hit, which hit radio stations.