Participant of the show “Amazing people” Daniel Uffa: “Close surprised by my decision”

Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Даниил Юффа: «Близких удивило мое решение» A talented chess player told about the filming project and the overcoming of itself. In recognition of Daniel Uffy, he long pondered over to take part in the project of the channel “Russia 1”, however, took the risk and I am happy.
Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Даниил Юффа: «Близких удивило мое решение»

One of the participants of the show “Amazing people” became the 20-year-old native of Tyumen Daniel Uffa – grandmaster, three-time champion of Russia on chess among young men. The young man is able to simultaneously play multiple boards blindfolded and has a musical ear. The uffa said “StarHit” about what it means for a logic game, the support of loved ones during the shooting and favorite Hobbies.

Daniel says that he was persuaded to participate in the game familiar to the player. In the show the Uffa will show you how to simultaneously play piano and chess in the dark. According to the young man, he was not nervous before the filming in the capital.

Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Даниил Юффа: «Близких удивило мое решение»“I got on a plane and after two and a half hours was in Moscow. Plus in my hometown airport is located fifteen minutes from the house. It is clear that because of the reason you lose a few days that you would spend in work and study, but show there are certain rules that you should follow. In such moments I try to ignore and concentrate on your goals,” shared Daniel with “StarHit”.
Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Даниил Юффа: «Близких удивило мое решение»

Close Uffy trying to support it. In recognition of the player, the family did not expect him to decide to go in shooting television programs.

“At first they were surprised because I had never participated in such projects. To be honest, I myself have once agreed, pondered to opt out. I was thinking about why I do need it, because you know – will travel, and a lot of wasted time. Because the process of shooting can take all day… For shooting I came alone, as I didn’t want to anyone see my emotions,” said Daniel.

However, young people believe that knowingly decided to participate in the project. “Of course, I am very happy. It’s a great experience. Every time you go on stage, overcome yourself and get rid of the fear of speaking before a large audience. It seems to me that this is a very useful quality that will be useful to any ambitious young man,” he said.

Now Daniel’s getting an education in the magistracy. “Every day I try to do them, this includes sports, and music, and study. You need to develop your brain and use it to the maximum, while it is active,” – said the Uffa. According to the young man, chess is one of the sports where you can earn money.

Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Даниил Юффа: «Близких удивило мое решение»“I am convinced that the last six months. Of course, I will not renounce, but if you play chess professionally, a piece of bread will always be, because there are tournaments and prizes, and GM don’t need to spend money on flights and accommodation. Every tournament organizer wants to see players of a similar level. You can also work as a coach, write articles”, – said Daniel.
Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Даниил Юффа: «Близких удивило мое решение»

Uffa himself does not know what to do in the future. “I decided to give myself two years to think. If while I’m in grad school, I don’t there will be significant breakthroughs and victories, that, probably, will work in profession I study Economics,” explained the Uffa.

Participant of the popular TV show believes that chess game is a specific “sport and science”, which develops spatial thinking and memory, and mental abilities. Daniel started in early childhood, with the filing of his grandfather, a veteran of world war II Jacob Huffy. Then coach of the future grandmaster was the father – the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation Alexander Uffa.

“Now chess is for me a labor of love, hobby and means of income,” said Daniel.

The young man also loves sports. “I played six years for the team Tyumen, played basketball, melee combat, playing hockey,” he said. Now Uffa learning Spanish and studying music.

Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Даниил Юффа: «Близких удивило мое решение»“Maybe someday I’ll try Canoeing or surfing… I like to get the adrenaline and drive is absolutely necessary at my age. I want to make life spicy notes. Although skydiving is unlikely I will be,” he added.