Participant of the show “Amazing people” Alexander Pokhil’ko: “friends do not approve of my wedding”

Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Александр Похилько: «Близкие не одобрили мою свадьбу» Recently on the channel “Russia 1” started showing the new season of the popular program, the characters which impress others with their abilities. “Russian Nick Vujicic”, the artist Alexander Pokhil’ko, told about the preparation of the project and the meeting with his wife.
Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Александр Похилько: «Близкие не одобрили мою свадьбу»

At the beginning of September on the channel “Russia 1” started showing the second season of the show “Amazing people”. One of the heroes of the project became 28-the summer inhabitant of Moscow Alexander Pokhil’ko, who was born without hands and legs

Impossible, impossible, unthinkable

Party program called “Russian Nick Vujicic”. Those who are personally acquainted with Alexander, admire his abilities, which only need to access the viewers. The young man is not only very athletic (he does triathlons and the marine all-around), but also has a phenomenal memory, and also enjoys drawing. Wife of Alexander Svetlana – his most reliable support.

“I’ve seen a couple of times performances, I was surprised that such talented guys can prove themselves. Wife Svetlana supported, I just said to her, and then all the relatives. Mom was against it. She’s skeptical attitude, doesn’t believe that will work, waste of time”, – said the participant of the TV project “StarHit”.
Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Александр Похилько: «Близкие не одобрили мою свадьбу»

Alexander met his future wife, who is a musician, one of the rehearsals inclusive of the play “the Seagull.” “We first met in class in singing and stage speech. Her mother Sasha, sign language interpreter, she worked with us. I came to meet, offered to go to a cafe to talk,” said the young man.

Initially, the Pokhil’ko did not know that she is the daughter of one of his colleagues. After some time, the woman told Alexander.

Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Александр Похилько: «Близкие не одобрили мою свадьбу»“After that, of course, I was careful to refer to Svetlana. Then he offered a joke to meet. We didn’t hide our relationship, I came home to her relatives, however, were against that they were visited by a stranger,” he recalls.

A few months after the beginning of the relationship the young people were married. At first, relatives were skeptical of the desire of Alexander and Svetlana to get married. “Thought not serious, some occur for several years,” says Pokhil’ko. But the lovers do not expect to leave in July, they marked the anniversary.

“Our relationship of trust, we will not condemn each other for some things. Initially this policy was – if we love, then we must be together, if not, then disagree, is also a manifestation of love” – confessed Alexander.