Participant of the Junior Eurovision Pauline Bogussevich: “Dima Bilan is proud of my achievements”

Участница детского «Евровидения» Полина Богусевич: «Дима Билан гордится моими достижениями» 26 November will host the final of music competition in Tbilisi. The star of “the Voice” and trust Igor Krutoy Pauline Bogussevich will perform on stage in Georgia. She will present on court of spectators the song “Wings”.
Участница детского «Евровидения» Полина Богусевич: «Дима Билан гордится моими достижениями»

This Sunday, November 26, Karusel TV channel will be broadcasting the international children’s song contest “Eurovision-2017”. This year our country is 14-year-old Pauline Bogussevich. A week before the contest the young singer traveled to Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. Before the performance, Polina shared with “StarHit” the feelings, experienced before going on stage.

“I am not aware of, even when up to competition remains a couple of hours. I’m determined to have a good sing. We had so many rehearsals, I tried to make everything perfect. Hope this helps to be “on automatic,” admitted Bogussevich.

The young singer said that during the trip she is accompanied by the mother and members of the Academy Igor Krutoy. They are preparing the contestants. Pauline I’m glad that the parents are always in the audience during her performances. It is nice when they make her criticisms. According to her, this helps to avoid mistakes in the following outputs on stage.

“Mother, the most important critic. She never praises me, tells the truth, sees everything, even the most minor details. Relatives want everything to be perfect. Mom comes to my concerts. She is usually with me behind the scenes, waiting until I get out. Then he goes into the hall to watch, to capture speech and send it to grandma,” said a participant of the Junior Eurovision.

In this year’s competition has undergone some changes. If the audience could vote for artists from other countries, everyone can now support the musicians of the state. At 18.00 Moscow time, will begin broadcasting from Tbilisi, and you can vote on the contest’s official website from 24 November.

Shortly before his departure to Georgia held a pre-party in honor of Pauline Bogussevich. The event appeared Igor Krutoy – mentor a young artist, Philip Kirkorov and other stars who wished the artist good performances. Kirkorov and the Steep supported the participant of the Junior Eurovision song contest

Bogussevich became known after participation in the project “Voice. Children.” Then the youngest participant made the team to Dima Bilan. Despite the fact that Pauline did not reach the finals and left the show after the “Fights”, she still maintains contact with the mentor.

“He is one of those artists who always support and remember. We meet at concerts, exchange messages. He says he is happy with my progress, proud of the achievements”, – said Bogussevich.

Pauline has been doing music since the age of four, and to develop vocal skills start at nine. Parents hired Tutors to her was convenient to combine studies in school, speeches and other Hobbies. Now the girl is studying in the eighth grade.

“In fifth grade I changed school. Before master walked towards me, doing some favors, if I do not come to the classes because of concerts or rehearsals. But this school is much stricter. Some teachers require homework and threaten, that do not certify. All my life I was a straight a student, but this year due to illness and preparing for the competition a little started the study,” shared Pauline.

The young singer believes that she needs to get a higher education. Until she decided whom she wants to be in the future. Like all teenagers, now she is attracted to cosmetics, but because she thinks of learning the art of makeup.

“I understand that show business is unpredictable, and because you never know if you will become famous or not, – says the participant of “Eurovision”. – So I in any case do not throw study. Mom and grandma support me in this. I want to get a good education, but still not sure, what would you like to do besides music.”