Participant of “the Bachelor,” Madina Tomova: “Ilya told me that the anti-vulgarity”

Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности» Oriental beauty from the first glance enchanted the star of “Interns”. Touching a date Glinnikov Ilya and Madina Tamboi immediately remembered the audience. Many fans of the show about love to have noticed the spark that managed to run between young people.

      Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности»

      Fans of the popular project wondering: who will get the coveted ring from Ilya Glinnikov? Among the main contenders for victory, according to viewers, the party with strong temperament Madina Tamova. Unusual appearances made social media users for a long time to discuss the girl. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the brunette told the family, support the main character and the difficulties faced in filming.

      Madina, thanks to the spectacular appearance on horseback, surrounded by brothers – and you get the first impression rose. Do you think the girls are genuinely happy for you?
      Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности»Every girl had time to consider their appearance. The task of each of us has been to emphasize their individuality. I don’t think that someone of the girls were happy that did not get a rose the first impression. Just take it easy, others envy.—
      Easy if you let the parents on this show, where 25 girls fighting for the heart of men all over the country?
      Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности»I’m an adult to make such decisions and to bear for them responsibility. My family is a fortress, support and support. My parents know whom they raised and know that they will not have to blush for me. This is a romantic show not only about the relationship between a man and a woman, the struggle for the heart of the bachelor, but also about relationships between people in General. —
      In the Caucasian families usually quite a strict upbringing. You did not have?
      Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности»I have had a strict upbringing, but as I got older, I always justified the trust that I gave the parents. —
      To participate in such shooting very difficult – as you have supported Ilya?
      Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности»Besides, it was my first experience of participating in the filming. Very difficult, scary, exciting and nervous. On the first night Elijah told me: “don’t worry, there will be no vulgarity, I will not allow it, I’m against vulgarity”. And I believed him. Very grateful to Ilya for a respectful and caring attitude to me. —
      Some viewers saw in you dishonesty, considering that you’re playing a nice girl, and actually are quite rude and calculating. What you really are?
      Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности»Everyone has the right to have an opinion. I’m different: I can be kind and gentle, unable to break out, to put in place, but in all its manifestations I’m honest. The main quality that I appreciate in people – sincerity. Just hate the lies and hypocrisy and do not deviate from these principles in life.

      You’re from a wealthy family. Elijah on the set said that he wants a simple girl, not spoiled, wants to open the world for her, and you won’t surprise. How true is this?
      Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности»My greatest wealth is my happy family. Yes, I have seen many things, and my parents gave me things, for which I am immensely grateful to them, but the world is incredibly multi-faceted, there are many things that I still can be surprised. —
      Madina, you thought in advance about the kiss with Ilia? Do you want to know a person or in this case the main thing – passion?
      Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности»Of course, it is important to know. I believe that physical closeness between a man and a woman is a logical development of relations, but this should come. Possible kiss with my man. By the way, ILM I initially liked the position, thoughts and views on life.—
      What do you look for in a man?
      Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности»For me one of the main qualities in any human being is education. In my opinion, the key to a happy relationship are similar views of life: principles, concepts of what is good and what is bad, the correct distribution of male and female responsibilities.—
      You said your profession is to be his beloved daughter. Many did not appreciate such calling, believing that you need to learn and work. What do you do in real life?
      Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности»I sincerely believe that, first and foremost, the main female job to be a homemaker, but that doesn’t stop each of us for self-development. Higher education I received in goo management. But it was not for me, paramount. After graduation I went into the study of the history of art, fashion and design, RSUH, Moscow the British Higher School of Design. I speak two foreign languages (English and Spanish), and the Circassian language, unfortunately, only speak. Plan to learn French, to get a second degree in psychology. And in the near future I hope to fulfill one of his childhood dreams – to open a shelter for homeless animals.

      We girls often imagine a wedding with her lover. Have you dreamed of a celebration with Ilya? One day you almost married…
      Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности»Let the past remain in the past. But now, before you draw in your mind a family with a man, his need to know. Based on my previous experience, I think no need to hurry.—
      What was the biggest challenge on the show?
      Участница «Холостяка» Мадина Тамова: «Илья сказал мне, что против вульгарности»My presence on the project – exiting the comfort zone: starting with the lack of communication with relatives and personal space and ending being under the gun of a huge number of cameras with a narrow range of people in a confined space. It’s very hard.—
      You are very fond of poetry, she read poetry. Quote, please, a line that now you fit the mood.
      Yes, it was a hobby. I love poetry, especially of the Silver age, but there are modern poets whose writing I admire. For example, here is Ah-astahovoy. “Be friendly, friendly, stress, something simple. Read a lot, then certainly speech and thoughts are not empty. Do not judge others, do not gloat!”